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Posted on Aug 19, 2015 in Blog |

The 4th dimensional realm

The 4th dimensional realm

Another of the effects of obsessing over conspiracy theories (a misnomer as many of these theories are not theories but facts), is that the resultant anger and fear that people embody once exposed to frightening or maddening information. This carries a very powerful energetic thought form with it.

During lunch with Barbara Hand Clow last week, we discussed this problem.

Barbara’s position is that the 4th dimensional realm is the collective dwelling place of these thought forms, and all other thought forms. We are, through our choice of thoughts, creating a field that ultimately effects our experience on earth collectively. When we see the nightly charade called news, or the big screen offerings riddled with the takeover of the human species by aliens, robots, hybrid beings and flat out weapons of war, what is this reflecting but our fears, concerns and anger? And, remember, that through social media, blog sites, etc., as Clifford High will tell you, web spiders (if I’m saying that correctly) and algorithms are able to detect the words we use in mass on a real time basis. I believe this information is used to frame an contain any messaging via media and entertainment that is reflected back to us, again to control perception en masse.

The point is, whether it is TPBs using our own un-checked public language against us, or the thoughts distributed throughout our closest dimensional field of Mind by way of our emotions and thought forms, WE are ultimately responsible for what we are seeing as our reality. We think about it, fear it and talk about it. What would happen if those thoughts, feelings and words were skewed toward the beautiful – en masse?