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Posted on Oct 11, 2015 in Blog |

The 2 Earth Scenario

The 2 Earth Scenario

Georgia Guidestones 2

I took a break from work and life, but am back and want to expand on the 2 Earth scenario theme through the lens of “depopulation.” If we open our minds to completely new possibilities not born of conspiracy nor traditional streams of thought, some interesting possibilities emerge.

Lets say we give credence to the 2 Earths – which does not exclude any of the other choices a soul might choose if Earth is no longer desirable – you might begin seeing a steady decline in birth rates around the globe as souls move to the new territory. In addition, we have succumbed to every kind of pollutant from air, land and sea, poor sources of nutrition, un-Godly amounts of stress and data input, EMF and RF input and, mostly, fear, all of which have had an impact on the birth rates of the human species. Birth rates are also slowing down in many parts of the Catholic world, necessitating a PR intervention by the Pope. Add to this depopulation by decree such as in China, which is left with a shortage of females with which to procreate. This is all leading to a question…..

One of the great symbols of New World Order presence is believed to be the Georgia Guidestones ( which tell of a somewhat utopian future in which only 500-million people remain on earth. Justice, reverence for nature, temperance, truth, beauty, love, etc. are the standards for a life lived in harmony with the infinite in this mysterious document etched in stone. Red hot alarm bells are one response – “How does all but 15% of the earth’s population disappear?”

The question is – are the Guidestones a prediction or a delineated agenda? (This, by the way, does not negate the position that there is a cabal who would prefer to have the place to themselves, but, in fact, may be guilty of extreme arrogance in thinking they have such ultimate power.)