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Posted on Nov 21, 2016 in Blog, Open Minds | 9 comments

Stealing the Souls of Children

Stealing the Souls of Children

The minds of the world received a shock last week. For the first time, mainstream news broke perhaps the deepest and darkest story of the world’s elite – their involvement in pedophilia. Who could these people be? Monsters? Or someone that looks like you and me?

I have known this story for the last decade, but I was shocked to the core when I read that one of my interviewees was at the heart of this pedophlia ring. In January of 2016, Sterling Allen, founder of, was identified as the gatekeeper of a pedophilia website that has implicated 70,000 of the world’s elite including the late Justice Antonin Scalia, the Podesta brothers, and heads of state and industry.

Allen presented himself publicly as a passionate promoter and advocate of leading-edge alternative energy technologies such as cold fusion, perpetual motion and other exotic devices that promised free energy.

During a pre-interview dinner with Sterling Allen, he told me of his woes in being ex-communicated from the Mormon church, and how much he missed his community. He was soft spoken, sad, and nervous. A year or two later I came into contact with him again and witnessed an obvious psychological unraveling and declined to interview him despite his request. Finally, a year or two after that, I learned that Allen’s computer had been confiscated, blowing the lid off of a global pedophilia ring.

The first question many will ask is “How can human beings do this to children?” Perhaps the best answer I have received came in an email just yesterday from another of my interviewees, Belinda Womack, author of Lessons From The Twelve Archangels. She spoke of the deep wounding inflicted upon each of our hearts and souls resulting from the accumulated abuse and insensitivity administered by adults to us as children throughout our incarnations. Here is what she wrote:

“….Thieves of power have always understood that the child is Source incarnate. It is a sensitive and wanting-to-please child that has the purest heart energy for manifesting and when this energy is stolen, it becomes a great asset to the taker. In ages past, even the dreams of children were snatched because their dreams held vast intelligence, passion and insight into co-creating a new world…”

As a little bit of history, the first whistle blower on this topic was David Icke. I have known David for about a dozen years. While attending a conference at Mt. Shasta, he asked me to please interview Cathy O’Brien, a victim of elite pedophilia. I said I could not do it because her subject was too dark. He asked again, saying that she had not been given a proper hearing. I relented, picked up a copy of her book Tranceformation of America, read the first ten pages, burst into tears, and slept fitfully.

The next day Cathy and I met and spoke on camera for one hour. Her story has been well documented and began at birth. She has little memory of her childhood apart from the sexual use and abuse by her father, a worm digger and child pornographer. To avoid prosecution as a child pornographer, her father made a deal. According to Cathy, by the age of 6, her father handed her over to then Michigan Governor George Romney (Mitt’s father) to be used as a sex slave for members of elite. Her handler was reportedly Senator Robert Byrd. As she matured she was used for high level prostitution and drug-running for global elites. She employed her highly developed photographic memory to garner numbers and names while in their company. Her skills were developed under a mind control program called Project Monarch, part of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program.

I could not have done the story if it ended there. By the end of our conversation she shared with me how the eventual patience and love of her husband helped her to recover herself, her memories, and, mostly, the bright shiny seed of light that lives deep within virtually all of us.

Cathy’s story emerged as one of redemption. To better understand how this devastating scenario plays out, you can go to the Gaia archives with the following link – – then search for Cathy O’Brien.


  1. This is awful; after I watched a video, I got so upset and I could not even sleep. I am still so sick and frustrated. Why are these people still free?? It does not make any sense, when we all know this now.

  2. Yes, very disturbing. I went to Found the interview with Mark Phillips (Season 3 October, 2007) but could not locate the interview with Cathy O’Brien. Thank you for shining light on these dark spaces. It needs to be revealed to be healed… although this sickens and saddens me. It isn’t easy being a Light Bringer. Thank Creator for people like Mark Phillips and Regina Meredith.

  3. Wow! Thank you for your courage. Watched both interviews and went to youtube to find out more. — It is so sick it is unimaginable.

    • @noelmarshall thank you, I watched it last night. It is a very good interview and devastating at the same time.

      Now, why people don’t know this? Even when I mention to some people, they disregard the fact as if I am making it up.

      • My friends thought I was crazy when I told them about it… Have you seen the latest Open Minds with Taylor Alexandra Simmons? — That is an AMAZING STORY!

  4. The sexual abuse of children is an enormous social issue. So why is it we all too often attempt to literally “stuff” it under the rug and ignore the white elephant sitting in the room? This Childhood Protection Angel burst forth in a brilliant blue hue the exact color of the throat chakra, in an effort to at long last give a voice to the children. To help them know it’s O.K. to ask for help . . . that they really will be heard and listened to . . . that they don’t have to fight this battle on their own anymore. Her message to parents is equally intense. “Prioritize and clear your schedule,” she says, “and focus on your highest priorities . . . those you hold most dear . . . those precious and sacred children who have been endowed in your care.” “Slow down,” she advises, “Stop and smell the roses, watch your children grow and enjoy the beauty of the process.” And then have hope and believe that all will be resolved. For we are told by this Childhood Protection Angel that the closeness that will ensue from this change in behavior will bring forth the honest communication necessary to eradicate this social injustice.

  5. I share a meditation that was developed to release the children and their abusers from the matrix:

    We gather here with compassionate heart, we gather here as light Workers with Divine purpose, we gather here with Love.

    Love is the creative force of all life. Through the principle of coherence and resonance, love creates harmony and balance on many levels. Love is an incredible power can be unleashed in one moment and if you continue to resonate this vibration of love in thought, work and deed and in relationship to other beings, the effect is magnified.

    “Wherever two or more are gathered,” is more that just a description of group prayer. It is a prescription for power. It is this power of unleashing the force of love into the world one moment at a time, one encounter, one embrace, one word, one act, that can bring together forces great enough to change hearts, communities, nations, worlds and beyond.

    Love is your mission in life. Let the wisdom of love soak into the very core of your being. When light touches your life, you cannot walk the same path of ignorance and darkness again.

    Love is not some kind of complicated philosophical principle. Love is light, flowing, growing, touching, giving, sharing, and caring. Every act of kindness brings more light into the world. Every act of gratitude and generosity creates light. Every act of compassion and caring creates light. This is what it means to be a Light worker: holding the light of divine love for everyone to share and see.
    A dynamic shift is occurring in the world as we experience a transition to light. Now is not the time for judgment. Now is the time for Love. Now is not the time to exclude and blame. Now is the time for kindness’ and prayer. Now is not the time for anger and fear. Now is the time for joy and gratitude. Now is not the time to find faults and ignore truth. Now is the time to learn from mistakes and live with compassion.

    As we come together to share and manifest the light, give compassion, listen with the heart, accept forgiveness, suspend doubt, forgo judgment, release fear, dance with creativity, seek guidance, build community and embrace the mystery.

    I now ask you to take three deep, relaxing breaths, taking this time to release any thoughts and clearing your mind, allowing yourself to focus in the present. Just quietly feel yourself present in your breath and in your body. Quietly drop your awareness into your cellular level. Feel the bottom of your feet. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Feel yourself dropping to the center of the earth. Now connect with your earth energy, allowing this energy to make any necessary adjustments and realignments you may require at this time.

    Be aware of this vibrant earth energy.

    Bring this vibrant energy to the soles of your feet, feel it being absorbed into very bones of your feet, into your ankles, into your shin bones, into your knees, into your thighs, into your hips, into your coccyx, filling the pelvic girdle with vibrant earth energy. Feel this energy radiate up through your sacral vertebra, filling the lower abdomen; radiating up lumbar vertebra and into your abdominal cavity, radiating up through your thoracic vertebra, extending out into your ribs and into your sternum, filling your chest with vibrant earth energy, radiating out the clavicles and into the shoulders, down the arm into the elbows, into the forearms, into the wrists and out into every bone in your hands. Feel the palms of your hands open and pulse with this vibrant earth energy. Now feel this energy radiate up your cervical vertebra, filling your throat, radiating into the back of your head, into your jaw, into your eye sockets, ears, into every bone in your head, filling your brow, filling your crown.

    Now feel this radiant earth energy connect with your higher self, allowing for any realignment and adjustment that may be necessary for you at this time.

    Be aware of the radiance of white, gold, silver and platinum. Let your higher self be the distributor of this light in accordance with your own personal needs. Be aware of the divine radiant light entering your pineal gland, filling your crown chakra with light, entering your pituitary gland, filling your brow chakra with divine light, now radiating into your thyroid and parathyroids filling your throat chakra, spilling out over your clavicles and into the charkas at your shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers. Feel the palms of your hands pulse with this divine light. Be aware of this radiant light entering your thymus, your heart, and expanding your heart chakra. Feel the divine energy enter into your pancreas and the Islets of Langerhans, into your spleen, spreading throughout your solar plexus. Now entering into your adrenal glands, and into your sacral chakra, into your ovaries (testis) filling your root chakra with divine light. Feel the light enter the charkas at your hips, knees, ankles, and toes. Feel the divine light open the soles of your feet.
    Feel the earth, drop to the center of the earth and be aware of your divine energy harmonizing with your earth energy, quietly allowing for any realignment, balancing and clearing that may be necessary for your at this time. Now quietly observe your core energy, your connection with your soul star and your earthstar. Feel this energy expand out from your hara line filling every tissue, every organ, and every system. Now filling the spacing between your cells with divine radiant light. Feel this light emanate through every pore in your body.

    Be aware of becoming a sphere of light expanding 3 feet from your body, 6 feet – 9 feet – 12 feet – 15 feet – 18 feet – 21 feet – 24 feet 27 feet. Quietly rest in this space, being aware of the expanded circumference of your sphere.

    I am one, I am whole, I am complete. I am filled with Divine Light, it permeates my very being, my very essence, every cell vibrates with the Light and Sound.

    Take this moment to unite with your divine guides asking for divine guidance and protection.

    Now join hands. Be aware of all of our charkas harmonizing into ONE. Be aware of the magnitude of our combined light and the light of our guides and holy family that are with us.

    We are One, we are whole, we are complete, we are filled with divine light.

    With one thought, with one vision, see the world in the center of our light. Now be aware of the inner space and the congested mind field and feeder lines that have formed as a result of the abuse that we as the human race have imposed on each other especially our children. Guide this divine light into the center of this dense cloud of collective thought formation, with the only intend to disperse this energy back into Divine Light. Be a witness to the sacred light entering this mass, dispersing the energy with Divine wisdom, and compassion. Know that as this congestion is release back to the Divine, those children who have been affected in any way through abuse will receive the healing light and those who have perpetrated these injuries will have an opportunity to heal through the divine intervention of their higher selves.

    Remain present and grounded, holding the Divine Light in our hearts until the work is done.

    Now quietly return to your individual awareness, drop your hands. Feel your crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root, feel your legs, feel the bottoms of your feet. Feel the ground. Take three slow breaths and slowly return to your surroundings.

    Know that this work will continue into the moments, hours, and days ahead. Know that you can safely enter into this healing space any time you wish with the understanding that once this divine healing circle has been formed it is always there for us to draw upon.

    It is with deep gratitude and love that I thank you for participating. Know that the work has been done.