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Posted on Nov 30, 2016 in Blog |

Stealing the Souls of Children: Part 2

Stealing the Souls of Children: Part 2

Some of the comments on my FB page point out that the problem of child sexual abuse spreads much wider than the pedophilia rings of the Elite. They are correct.

When my mother told me her uncle had attempted to rape her at the age of nine, this sent a signal through my personal universe. Within the year numerous friends revealed to me that they had also been abused by men in their lives. These men were not strangers, but people known to them. Uncles, brothers, cousins, babysitters, neighbors, priests, and even fathers from all levels of society. Stealing innocence from our children is ubiquitous. Taking all this in, on the level required to begin the healing process, requires a truly open mind.

Sexual abuse accentuates the split in our nature. If we are a body/soul complex as most of us intuitively believe, then we are ultimately part Animal and part sublime Being. The Animal is generally unaware of its luminescent other half. The Animal part is more guided by unconscious desire. There is no intrinsic morality within the Animal part of ourselves, rather survival and biological urges. Raw sexual assertion is perhaps the most primal compulsion of the Animal. If these compulsions are not engaged on a more conscious and loving level, then, sadly, the default can span every type of behavior, including sex with children, family members, and non-consensual sex.

Let’s look as this from another angle – that of past lives. Let’s take a concrete example. Men have consistently been in the company of men on the battlefields. The stimulation of war – and the fear for survival it engenders – is a function of the interior Reptilian brain, which contains the centers of the brain dedicated to sexual pleasure and violence right next to each other. When a man is pumped up for war and releasing high levels of dopamine, he maintains a highly charged state of domination/killing, which he feels compelled to continue. In this situation, rape can become a manifestation of wartime aggression. Violence and pleasure become wired together.

Many, if not most, of us have had the experience of rapist or victim at some point in our incarnations. That data is held within our aura, carried forward from incarnation to incarnation and perpetuated until we can elevate our thinking, feeling, and spiritual understanding. Meanwhile, we may knock along with secret fears or fantasies of rape, sex with innocents, sadomasochism and other predilections. We often feel guilty, wondering where these dark feelings come from.

Those who have stepped over the line from fantasy to the act itself have tasted the blood – the power – of gaining energy at the expense of another. This stimulates yet deeper neural connections between the pleasure/survival brain centers, which re-enforces these behaviors. We now have a sexual predator. In the worst case, we have those who “drink” power in taking the innocence of others as ritual, those among the power elite.

Until the awareness of our own highly creative, brilliant and divinely lit seed at the center of our Being begins to expand in its presence, in our awareness, we remain slaves to our Animal suit and brain. We are left with confusion and guilt over our darker desires and experience horror when we learn of these transgressions among others. The problem is an existential one intrinsic to the human species.

How do we begin to heal? We need to look deeply at the damage our own carelessness and callousness stimulates in others. We can FEEL our way into empathy. We can teach our children to do the same. And, we can talk about the truth of what it is to be Human, for all its glory and shame, its Animal aspect, and its sublime Being capabilities.

Slowly, we begin to treat ourselves and others with patience and compassion. We call out those who exploit others. We no longer cover for one another’s darker behaviors. Mothers no longer tell their daughters and sons to hush, to keep the abuse to themselves, so they might not lose that relationship with their abusive husband, brother, priest or friend. The same applies when a woman is the abuser.

My grandmother told my mother to keep quiet, which my mother did until just before her death. She held the shame of her victimization her entire life. She remained a nine-year old girl who had no external power to fight the injustice. This cycle can stop if we speak our truth on even the most subtle crimes of spirit, the small hurts and cruelties. It starts that simply.

These kids, the victims of sexual predation, need us to show up for them, to expose and break this shameful wound of our human behavior.