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Posted on Dec 4, 2015 in Blog |

Regina’s Blog: Our digestive systems are evolving

Regina’s Blog: Our digestive systems are evolving

Digestive system-1At virtually any gathering of people around a dinner table you may have noticed that someone, or multiple people, within the group now have either food allergies or strong dietary preferences that didn’t exist 2 decades ago. There’s a reason for that.

As I was going through a phase where I wasn’t particularly interested in heavy foods, I spoke with my Beings about these regular shifts in dietary preferences. What they told me was profound.

As our earth has been moving through a sub-dimensional shift from the 3rd to the 4th level of frequency/density – in a very real physical sense – it is demanding that changes occur in the physical aspect of all lifeforms on the planet. I believe this accounts for many unexplained phenomena, such as the rapid disappearance of a large number species from our view (I will pick up this thread in another blog.) Meanwhile, to stay with the point regarding the human body….

As I was speaking with them about my personal dietary shifts they said this was happening en masse to the human species. Further inquiry revealed that the human digestive system was evolving into a system that would ultimately be living off of liquids and plant based nutrients. This is why such a large percentage of us are going through subtle to radical shifts in food preferences and developing noticeable allergic reactions to groups of foods. Three to four course dinners are a thing of the past. Grains are becoming very problematic for many. Toxins are not being tolerated. People are swinging from vegetarian and vegan to paleo and back. But the one food group that remains stable for most human beings is vegetables. Even the paleo and primal communities, which includes pasture raised meats, will say that the bulk of the diet should be vegetables.

Low in the glycemic index, varied in color (frequencies), vast in their array of nutrients, vegetables appear to be tolerated by just about everyone, though there are some exceptions such as onions and garlic. Looking at this phenomena from a birds eye view, it would appear that this may be the way our digestive systems are going in the future. Gone will be the days of burgers and chocolate shakes.

It was said that this shift would happen over the next 2-3 incarnations for many people. The more sensitive ones are already experiencing this shift. To  be aware of this is to be much more tolerant of one another’s preferences, particularly our children as their bodies are being born into these newer frequencies. This also means to pay much closer attention to what our own bodies are telling us and let go of the need to fit in with someone else’s dietary regime.

In closing, while we vary greatly in our specific needs for fat and protein, if there is such a thing as a one-size-fits-all Earth diet, the primary focus would surely be on the planet’s vast array of vegetables – ideally home grown for your region.