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Posted on Dec 23, 2015 in Blog |

Regina’s Blog: Let There Be Light!

Regina’s Blog: Let There Be Light!


I called my father yesterday to wish him a happy Winter Solstice, our favorite day of the year as it marks the journey back to the long days of summer.

As a solar based planetary system, it is no surprise that many of the the Enlightened Beings of this planet are said to have been born on the day the sun begins its journey to fullness again. Horus, Osiris, Hermes, Krishna, Mithra, Buddha, Zoroaster, Dionysus, Bacchus, Jesus – all are assigned December 25th as their birth date. This is not to diminish their unique contributions to elevating consciousness on this planet, rather to align them with the one source we cannot live without – the Sun.

While we mark the quality of our winter days by the moments the Sun peeks out and shines on our faces, our Soul is also seeking alignment to the great multi-dimensional Central Sun. Constantly speaking to us, pulsing throughout the cosmos, the light of kindness, charity, compassion, creation, the invisible light of the heart. Depictions of the great sages throughout history feature a glow or halo of light around their heads or bodies to indicate their alignment with the great source of cosmic light, which emanates from within.

For these reasons, Christmas if my favorite holiday – through the contrast of darkness, we seek the light. That this season is filled with a spirit of generosity and good will, spices wafting from our ovens, familiar and sentimental music, and the spiritual rites of three major religions (Hanukkah, Christmas and Hajj) fills the dark days with the meaning and hope – with light.

I wish you all the Light of the season to hold and to share with those you love!