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Posted on Aug 24, 2015 in Blog |

Project Serpo and Zeta Riticuli

Project Serpo and Zeta Riticuli


There has been a fair amount of comment on my show with Len Kasten, author of Project Serpo, a government project in which a dozen citizens were selected to be taken to a planet in the Zeta Riticuli star system to observe life of a different kind.

Its a fascinating topic that I had been curious about for the last few years. I can see from the comments that some viewers want to drill down deeper into the possibility that this contact is real.

Its my understanding that we have never been alone. While human beings are the preferred/indigenous/agreed upon species to inhabit this planet, there have always been others, just as there has always been technology advanced enough to move people/entities around the galaxies. Many of you already know this instinctively, while others are waiting for someone in authority to validate the reality. Toward that end I will be interviewing former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer in a few weeks. Hellyer has witnessed UFO craft, confirmed the facts surrounding Roswell with other high ranking officers and is a proponent of creating collaborations with species more advanced in energy technologies than we. It should be another piece of the mosaic that will undoubtedly show even the most ardent skeptic, that humanity is not the only game in the universe. Meanwhile, toward better understanding of the subject you might enjoy my interviews with Nick Pope, Clifford Stone, Douglas Deitrich, Richard Dolan, Robert Salas, Bob Dean and others. It will be great when we reach the critical point of asking “How can we benefit from an alliance?” rather than “Is it real?”