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Posted on May 1, 2017 in Blog, Featured |

Why is Self Confidence Hard? Earth is Weird.

Why is Self Confidence Hard? Earth is Weird.

It’s hard to feel confident on Earth. It’s a weird place.

Most of humanity walks around with a black hood over their head, cut off from their Higher Mind’s perceptions, its ability to see beyond time and space and guide us. We constantly wonder if we’re on the right track, did the right thing, know what’s next. It’s the dilemma of being a hybrid species with a brilliant creative force at our core but with an animal mind, wired toward survival, running the show. It wasn’t meant to be that way.

But here we are, doing the best we can.

Here is just one instructive example:  Often that we become excited at a creative idea or “download” from the Higher Mind. However, because we live in a dimension marked by time, our enthusiasm can fizzle out before it has a chance to manifest this idea. Or maybe it takes longer than we had imagined for this idea to materialize. Then we feel we somehow didn’t perform or failed.

Meanwhile, we look to others who seem to be leading a more successful or audacious life and wonder what’s wrong with us. This is not helped by constantly seeing everyone’s highlight reels in social media, in almost all instances, a false snapshot of their reality. You ask yourself:  Why can’t I get my boat in the water? In fact, there is nothing wrong with you.

Here’s the secret.

Virtually all of us carry fear of failure or uncertainty within us. There is only one thing that separates the “successful” from the rest – those who go for it in spite of their fear. The rest of humanity let’s fear hold them back, settling for a safe and manageable life. This is perfectly fine providing you don’t aspire to more.  But if something is gnawing at you to express itself, read on.

About 20 years ago a friend and I were talking. He was a person who seemed to have the golden touch. He was in sales early on in the computer industry and retired young.  We were talking about a new project I was about to launch and I was expressing doubt in my ability to succeed. He said, “Let me tell you a story.”

It went like this: There was an anonymous study done in which Fortune 500 CEOs were interviewed. When they were asked about their greatest fear, they responded overwhelmingly that they were afraid their peers and colleagues would discover them for the fraud they felt they were. These are the guys we see on the covers of magazines with white shiny smiles and sly, knowing sideways glances at the camera. They believe they are fakes!

So what does that say to the rest of us? It says “Don’t let fear and uncertainty stop you.” In  the meantime, it certainly doesn’t hurt to begin developing a closer relationship with your Higher Mind where all of your answers lie, eliminating some of the fear and uncertainty.

When you take the black hood off, anxiety and uncertainty diminishes. Clarity and patience emerge. Imagine if you could just pick one small thing you’ve been over-thinking or over-worrying and say YES! See what happens. You might be surprised. 🙂