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Posted on Nov 1, 2016 in Blog | 4 comments

New Technology Overpowers Negative Frequencies

New Technology Overpowers Negative Frequencies

The film Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) featured a technology that was able to force a crowd of people into violence. The signal came from cell phones that had been “upgraded” with a new sim card – free from the cell phone mogul. The mogul and his evil cohorts programmed the sim cards to emit frequencies that induced a targeted crowd of church goers into a murderous rampage.

While having dinner with Catherine Austin Fitts recently, we talked about this film, which we both found to be eerily threatening, perhaps literally, in the form of predictive programming. As we mused over the potential deployment of such technologies, she pointed me to a video of the Chucky Cheese brawl on YouTube, where mothers and fathers pulled hair, slapped one another and pushed each other down. I mused over how wonderful it would be if such a technology could be used to give the OPPOSITE effect that left the targeted one clear and bright, relaxed and loving.

Voila! It exists!

I recently interviewed two men who have developed a technology that overrides these offending technological outputs by lifting the frequencies of a designated area to higher vibrations. This was particularly interesting to me as it is to many other people in my line of work as we all experience interference. So, I asked to be given the experience the FLFE wave (Focused Life-Force Energy: chi elevating science), which we have nicknamed ‘Fluffy.’

Similar in concept to Stephen Lewis’ AIM technology, only more obvious in its effects, an array of pre-programmed frequencies can be projected via the quantum field to an end target. They can carry such programs as grounding, immune system, relationships, mental clarity and much more. One of the more exotic frequencies is the removal of negative influences, including dark technology and entities.

Once Fluffy was turned on in my home, there was a noticeable quieting and clarifying of energies. Dreams intensified, our nervous systems calmed down. Impressed, I asked the FLFE founders, Clayten Stedmann and Jeff Stegman, to try it on someone who was losing their life force rapidly. Within 48 hours, my friend’s energy turned around and have they have since said they felt 20 years younger and have their life back. It was then that I revealed that she had been gifted with the the FLFE technology.

Since then I’ve shared this with several friends, all of whom are experiencing varying degrees of clarity and grounding. This includes their children, who are unaware of the technology.

Because it’s so unstable out there, I thought it only fair to share this with you. I am not affiliated with FLFE, but believe that it can play a significant part in the stability of our homes, health and relationships. The interview won’t air for another few months, so I’m giving you a heads up now because we could all use a leg up in this insane world. Here’s a link to the site:


  1. Thank you Regina, this looks wonderful. The price also seems doable. Very interesting! We want to outsmart those using negative technologies, with positive technologies.

  2. So cool that this was invented in a town that I know well! Am trying it out now!

    • My home town! 😉

  3. Thank you for writing about this!!!
    I did my home, my mother’s and now my sister’s!
    I never really noticed anything myself, but when my husband thought enough of me to heat my soup I was taking to a bonfire when I was running late from a Dr appointment, got my attention! My mother had recently had a bleed in her eye and had been very “down in the dumps” called me and told me “you’ll never guess what I’m doing” playing solitaire! For someone who can’t see well, that was amazing. Signed up for a month but will be getting a whole year soon! Thank you Regina!!!