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Posted on Mar 31, 2016 in Blog | 3 comments

New Direction

New Direction

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks following the energy of the eclipse and charge of the Sun and Mars in Aries – supercharged yet reflective. People have been fighting, friends dying, epiphanies abound.

As I continue to reflect on how I can best show up in this world, it keeps occurring to me that a new chapter may be dawning. For the last twelve years I have been sharing the fruits of my research and personal spiritual training on Conscious Media Network and Gaia through the platform of interviews with authors on an assorted array of subjects. Recently, however, I a feeling a ground swell of change on the horizon.

We have all been intrigued over the past few decades with hidden, conspiratorial and sensational information regarding military industrial endeavors to the existence of myriad species throughout the universe, inter-dimensionally and beyond. But as I look, I don’t see a change in the quality of life in people. I see people lonelier than ever, struggling financially and worn out from the bombardment of directives and, more importantly, conflicting information they are exposed to in the media. Thus, we are often more confused than ever.

A deep interest of mine has been the reformation of society, education and economics as anyone who has followed my blogs well knows. How do we recover our sovereignty to energize our lives and connections with others again? How do we rise above the stagnation produced from a dull economy that demands even duller participation? How do we find that beautiful spark within that once drove our curiosity, creativity and productivity? These are the things I care about, and these are the things I want to focus on in this site. From guest writers that I am in alignment with to video blogs of my own, I would like to move forward more as a community.

One option is an open teleconference with my friends who are interviewees and my friends among you, a format where we can openly chat about what concerns us and potential solutions. Along this line, I would like to invite anyone choosing to participate to sign up on my website as a free subscriber (the only kind!) so that I can ask your input as to questions you would like to see addressed. This feels more like the path to the future.

Over the next few decades more and more science will emerge validating what many visionaries have seen through their works, and I will still be doing my interviews with such people on Gaia. But its up to us to reform the way our world functions for ourselves and our children to bring back the life force of life.

Please let me know what you think and why you would like to see happen here. And, thank you as always for being so kind as to support my efforts at Gaia and on this site.


  1. Until recently, I never felt as if I’ve had a voice, which I know realize is silly. What you do has opened my eyes to so much. Please keep me updated on this new endeavor, I’m usually always full of

  2. I think this above commenter, Lkwiecinski, has hit upon the very crux of the emerging need– voice, and sharing of voice. That is what empowers change, real change. When we speak from our unique spiritual beings, our divine geniuses, we are able to truly and authentically collaborate, and what we come up with together outdoes anything we can come up with on our own. The best of both worlds emerges– unique wisdom and connected intelligence. It is in this commitment that we can use knowledge and information well. Knowledge is not an end, but a tool of creativity and love. If we are able to create in love with shared knowledge, then joy and health will surely emerge, and this world and its problems and hurts will experience the healing it so desperately wants and needs.

  3. I’m having strong creative burst of living as just a process to be savored rather than a finish line of judgement. It is breaking out of the old paradigm and forging ahead on our own, each more directly connected with source energy. This feels like a move to be even more connected with a community, who on the ethers share common ground with our visions of our empowered reality. How we transform the old into the new….the technology with heart? How does heart and deep intense technology, wi-fi- vaccines, corrupted food and water supplies, co-exist? What about the possibility that embedded into game technology is programs to disrespect you mother and fray at their family bonds.If you know of a Mom who has walked that journey, or, if you have already done this one, please let me know. New roles for women in a changing world is always good. The role of creativity in our everyday lives. It use to be home crafts…even making a good pie was art….they made their own art they could eat, wear, sit on, and wipe their face with. Today there is little reason to sew or create much of anything when we have too much, too cheap. The role of art has changed to be a luxury of the retired, instead of everyday offerings.
    I don’t usually write a letter like this. Sorry it rambles. I’m excited to write this as I watched you 30 years ago on PBS cooking with Regina. So pretty was the food and flowers. Talk about art! I’m doing great art for..well….because I can– and creativity gets grace to flow.
    So thanks for your inspirations and work over these many years, joy