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Posted on Nov 2, 2015 in Blog |

Manners for Shy Guys

Manners for Shy Guys

I saw the film ‘The Intern’ recently and was charmed by the notion that beauty and integrity may not be dead. Robert De Niro played a senior aged, “old school,” intern at a stressed out Google style office where the personnel had let the ball drop on grooming and personal work habits. He saved the day on numerous levels of engagement.

To tie it together with our current culture, Gerald Celente, the trend forecaster to the rich, famous and media, stated that he saw a return to elegance and good manners coming in response to a time of economic challenge. He stated that when competition for jobs increases, our image will increase in importance – elegance wins. 

Meanwhile, I spoke with a friend this morning who is working with a company who is teaching good manners as a functional means of helping men step up their business and social game. This triggered my memory of a project I wrote and produced a few years ago that was intended to entertain and give shy guys a tutorial for talking with women (I adore producing fun/quirky videos!). Its titled Manners & Grooming for Shy Guys….I thought I would share it with you for a giggle – enjoy!