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Posted on Sep 2, 2015 in Blog |

Living in a 2 earth scenario

Living in a 2 earth scenario

I’ve been driving for days, have landed and am back in front of my computer again. This is what’s on my mind:


One of the more fascinating stories I was told by the Beings I am associated with was of the two earth scenario. My exposure to the concept was 30 years ago and, since that time, the same concept emerged through the late Dolores Cannon’s work. We spoke of it privately.

This is the gist: It has been long known that the evolution of the human species, on a level of consciousness and knowledge, would become greatly polarized. As I was told, “there will be those who are still learning at a kindergarden level who will be staying at a certain level of frequency to continue learning the basic lessons of earth life” – killing without conscience/purpose, rape, no attempts to learn or grow, etc.  It was said that there is no judgment here as we have all had our trajectory of learning throughout the universe.

Once refinement has occurred, we are all entitled to move on. 

As for those who have been in the process of refinement – having developed a useful level of conscience, who have eschewed violence for its own sake, have learned that abuse hurts the Self as deeply as the one offended, etc., these people will remain together. It was explained that the way in which the earth is developing would be very similar to what we know now, but finer in that more like minded people would be together, where experience and learning is more compatible. In order for this to occur the Human Being’s frequency needs to reach into/match the earth’s refining field. Again, there is no judgment, no better or worse, just each soul doing what it can at its own pace. As was stated repeatedly, there is no shortage of time… dimension is better than another….just different opportunities for experience and learning.