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Posted on Aug 26, 2013 in Gaia, Healing Matrix |

James Tyberonn: Healing with Gemstones

Geologist and environmentalist James Tyberonn sits down with Regina to discuss our planet’s largest deposit of quartz that stretches from Little Rock, AK to OK.  This 177 mile long, 35 mile wide deposit is the largest singular deposit, not to be confused with Brazil, who’s countries have some of the highest quantities of quartz in the world but not the largest singular deposit.

James explains that when mechanical pressure is applied to quartz, it produces an electrical charge which could be the answer to many natural phenomena.  Examples of this include the January 2011 occurrence of a large quantity of blackbirds falling out of the sky and found dead in Arkansas. James explains that phenomena like this occur when earthquakes put mechanical pressure on this large quartz deposit, disrupting the ultraviolet sensory perception in migratory animals like blackbirds, and causing them to experience a shock or stunned state, falling from the sky and dying on impact.

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