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Posted on Sep 7, 2015 in Blog |

How would 2 earths exist?

How would 2 earths exist?

2 Earth Scenario expanded on:


One of the comments on the two-earth scenario was in the form of a question – How will these two earths exist, practically speaking? Good question. I’m big on logic too.

Before I dive into this highly esoteric area of interest, let me explain my source. The original knowledge came as a result of a woman named Linda Davis who channeled two Beings with a profound access to knowledge on all levels. The depth of knowledge that has flowed through her over the last few decades is unparalleled to this day in my personal experience. I say this after making the acquaintance of some extremely talented channelers and psychics. The nuance here is that Linda and I share the same guides and I can reach into information as well, but in a different way. I am not a channeler, but I receive downloads of information upon request, which serves me well. What I am about to write is a combination of both sources. As always, and you need to use your discretion as to what feels right to you. 

The creation of the second earth is no different than with our current Earth – each its own distinct creation. There is a natural, orderly process of creative thought at very high levels, informing elements, powered by movement toward a desired outcome. While we no longer remember our abilities to create at this level, it exists throughout the universe.

Because of the “original issue” with the diverse levels of consciousness of the human species, it has been known for aeons that there would come a time of the parting of the human species. For this reason a similar, but distinctly separate, earth-like planet was created and has been the new home for many earth people upon reincarnation for decades now, maybe much longer. It was stated that those who will be staying with this current iteration of Earth will continue to benefit from the world of technology, but directed in more meaningful ways, such as sources of energy rather than destruction. In general, there will be a significant level of refinement to the Earth we know now. All we have to do is stop beating her and she will recover beautifully.

Conversely, those who are still attempting to learn more basic life lessons, no such advanced technology is needed as there is little understanding of how to utilize it. Rather a more simple way of life is adequate, even desirable. In addition, that knowledge of earlier, simpler times is still embedded within the aura as distant memory. The memory that serves in this environment will be brought forward into conscious awareness relatively easily.

The reference of the “original issue” will be addressed in future blogs as that IS a whole new can of worms, or butterflies, depending on how you feel about it.