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Posted on Jan 30, 2017 in Blog, Featured | 2 comments

How Your Higher Mind Can Win! (Free Will, part 2)

How Your Higher Mind Can Win! (Free Will, part 2)

In my last blog on Free Will, I distinguished between Free Will generated from the Higher Mind, vs. the Lower (conscious) Mind. What we often fail to understand is that the “conscious mind” is a LOWER aspect of our intelligence. Even though we think our conscious mind is aware and making our choices, its true purpose, according to my guiding forces, is simply to “keep us from bumping into things.” In my last blog I told a story about an ill advised trip to France where my conscious mind tried to override my Higher Mind’s guidance to stay home.  My Higher Mind won as I suddenly became too sick to travel.

When we see our willful plans crushed or un-manifested, you can rely on the fact that it is because we did not listen to our Higher Mind. In the case of my trip to France, I knew how to listen, received the message, then chose to ignore it. While unwise, this is a step along from not hearing the message at all.

This part of engaging Free Will can be incredibly frustrating as many don’t know HOW to listen to the Higher Mind. I will be talking about that in a future blog. First, the mechanics of Free Will:

The quality of our lives, our destiny fulfilled or not, comes down to whether or not the Higher Mind or Lower Mind wins out in the expression of Free Will. You might say that the only passport one needs to what some call Heaven, Nirvana, or Bliss is understanding this one thing! As the 19th century transcendentalist Theodore Parker said: “The whole sum and substance of human history may be reduced to this maxim: that when man departs from the divine means of reaching the divine end, he suffers harm or loss.”

There are natural affinities between all elements of life from the physical realm to the spiritual. These follow their own path naturally and in concert with cosmic forces. We have all had experiences when we feel perfectly “in tune” with a person, a song, place on earth, a type of tree or flower or spiritual understanding. These would be natural affinities. What comes next is the game of Free Will.

We can either choose to engage with these natural affinities, or we can choose to deny them. As an example, in societies with caste systems (which is virtually every society on earth!) a person may find a great affinity with a person from another caste. Conditioning by family and society would tell them to stay away from this person, “It will end in tears/ruin your life.”

Yet the feeling between the two people persists, awash in innocence, love and longing. They can subvert their societal programming and live into the love they are presented with or they can deny it due to the mental/Lower Mind constructs of the world in which they live. On one level or another, we all understand the implications of denying this kind of love. Yet, we make such life-denying decisions all the time.

A more common situation might be that we are presented with a choice to spend time with someone who is draining our energies with their need for attention, drama, etc. We don’t want to hurt their feelings and lose the friendship so we indulge them. We willingly give our energy over to be drained out of fear of loss. This is Lower Mind in action. This is where we can clearly hear the voice of the Higher Mind saying to conserve and preserve our energies for better use, but Fear, the agent of Lower Mind, wins out. We have all done this. This is choosing to ignore the Higher voice inside.

It is these small, insidious, little decisions day in and day out that constitute the quality of our lives. Is indulgence and compromise the divine path to the divine end? No.

If we think that living in congruity with our Higher inner voice is an overwhelming prospect, know that it is not. It is as simple as honoring these basic feelings that present themselves throughout each and every day and choosing the higher path. One small decision in honor of preserving and uplifting your energy, leads to another and another. This does not mean to negate our commitment to caring for others in an honest way as mothers, fathers, spouses, friends and co-workers. But this can be done with integrity and not as slaves to another. You know the difference.

The end result of this practice is a carefully crafted beautiful life – “the divine means of reaching the divine end.” It’s a choice, a matter of Free Will to honor the calling of spirit or not.


  1. Thank you Regina. I needed this confirmation and encouragement to follow my higher mind. Love your blog and series on Gaia.

  2. Such a great blog! Your wisdom goes deep, such insight! So many things that we should consider as we we live our lives here in the physical. So easy to stay asleep and not acknowledge what powerful and loving beings that we are.