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Posted on Aug 15, 2015 in Blog |

Healing from divine essence

Healing from divine essence

On the thread of your innately beautiful core……Let me tell you a story of healing.

The Unity Church has a bank of devoted people who understand the essence of healing. They give of their time freely to pray for restoration of health for anyone who writes to their church for help.

Meanwhile, several years ago I was approached by a man with a message that it was time for me to begin igniting healing in others again. He handed me a paper with a paragraph written on it. That was it. A day later one of my closest friends had a stroke. After panicking, I remembered the paper, applied its knowledge, and she recovered instantly. This was repeated when others fell ill, just as the man who gave me the paper had assisted in the healing of thousands of people in his lifetime. 

What was the technique that the Unity Church and the man used? Imaging the individual who was ill, with the mind, back into that perfected essence that they are at the core. Sounds simple, but it takes practice, absolute belief in the outcome and an absolute acceptance that time and space are not fixed.

The point is that the thing that inter-penetrates our core is a perfect, individuated aspect of the Divine essence that one only needs to find their way back to to restore all that’s good. And, after all, what endeavor can be more important than restoring all that’s good. It makes Knowing Thyself an imperative, and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like what they found if they went deep enough.