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Posted on Aug 18, 2015 in Blog |

Conspiracy theories? Earth is not an even playing field

Conspiracy theories? Earth is not an even playing field

More on Conspiracy. Why do we need to know these things? First, it provides some good entertainment for the Mind and Emotions. It’s titillating.

Heaven knows, I’ve spent thousands of hours researching these topics myself.

And, for me, there has been a purpose to it aside from that pompous feeling of being “in the know.” After interviewing hundreds of “insiders,” and gaining their confidence, it comes down to one thing for me: There is an on-going attempt to separate us from our beautiful essence. I might even go so far as to say that those who are creating and perpetuating the use of the tools of subjugation – media, pharmaceuticals, standardized medicine, entertainment, high tech, etc. – might be the saddest among us. In addition, I believe they are the pawns of something else that can’t be named with accuracy, though speculation abounds. As Barbara Hand Clow and I agreed on recently, Earth life is not an even playing field. Our amnesia regarding who we are is being exploited.

The fundamental goal of those who are influencing us from the shadows, aside from the garden variety of greed and power seeking, is to keep humanity looking down and out – literally outside ourselves for our answers. Those who believe they sit in command mode know full well that the Human Being is a powerful force, that, when activated fully, bows to no one and nothing but the Good in life and each other.

That journey is a choice.

And on that note – Namaste!