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Posted on Nov 19, 2015 in Blog |

Each of us has our own experience…

Each of us has our own experience…

12249941_463986153789759_9109468379206140494_nEach of us has our own experience of those first moments when we saw the visuals of the planes going into the towers on 9/11. It went like this for me.

I watched the 2nd plane hit the building when my intuitive part said “turn it (the TV) off and be still.” When I closed my eyes I saw activity along the Canadian/U.S. border between what appeared to be U.S. intelligence and Arabic factions. Then a news scroll rolled across the bottom of the “screen” of the vision saying “A deal gone bad”. I noticed the poor grammar and wondered what this was all about as the conspiracy realm was still new to me at this point in life. When I spoke with my Beings (guides) a couple of days later in a channeling through Linda they explained, more importantly, what was happening to the souls who lost their lives.

We were told that a large number of those killed did not move on as normally happens after death. They were engaged in a strange fascination with the event. It was explained that, if we could see them in their realm, it would appear like platforms above the scene with the newly disincarnate Beings hanging out, watching everything that was happening in the aftermath of the event. Our guides went on to say that there was, as is normally the case, very little concern with those left behind. Once out of the body, the cares of the earthly life become like a dream – somehow distant – very quickly. Our guides continued, saying that it was not serving these souls to remain over the scene of the crime, so to speak, fascinating as it was to them.

We were asked to meditate and project ourselves to them, to encourage them to leave this scenario behind and follow their guides through the normal transition process that occurs after an incarnation – to allow the traumatic event to fade away. This, by the way, is a service we can all offer someone who has departed suddenly or violently as they are often in a stunned state.

To this day, when I think of that event, I always recall the bizarre scene explained to us. Life is for the living. Once out of the body, there is little sentiment for what is left behind, more just mild curiosity and remnants of love.

For me, this somehow softened the cruel nature of the event.