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Posted on Dec 10, 2015 in Blog |

The Challenge of UFO Disclosure

The Challenge of UFO Disclosure

There is no subject more fraught with lies, disinformation and deceit than that of UFO Disclosure. Anyone who says that they are squarely in the know, most assuredly is not. This subject brings out the most publicity hungry and reckless people in the world of research who parade alongside the legitimate researchers. Why? Because if and when Disclosure does occur in a public way (look around, its already there for anyone to see) these guys want to be the ones to say “See! I am in the know!” Its a weird class of self proclaimed UFO rockstar. Meanwhile, its the quiet and lesser known ones who generally ARE in the know, as with most subjects.

That said, two of the biggest names –  Stephen Basset and Steven Greer – are genuine in their attempts to bring the subject center stage. However, only modest gains have come from their efforts because the subject is far too vast and complicated to have a simple, direct outcome. There are warring parties in high levels of power across the planet that both DO and DO NOT want to see this happen. These stories often read like spy thrillers. They are strewn with missing persons, fatal car wrecks, poisoning, murder and subterfuge of all kinds. Why? Because once the human species is aware with certainty that there are other intelligent life forms both here on earth, inter-dimensionally and out in the cosmos visiting us, the PTBs don’t know we will react, plus, there would be much more explaining to do than almost anyone is prepared to, or capable of, doing. The story also extends into back- engineered technology, free energy and other exotic and useful technologies that have been withheld from humanity. That too requires some explanation.

Ken Cherry, former head of the Texas MUFON group, attempts to answer all of this and more in his new work of “fiction”, titled The Stephenville UFO. This is a thinly disguised work based on true events that examines all of the possible motives behind whether or not to disclose to the world the presence of ETs on planet earth. Ken chose fiction to protect himself and some of the others portrayed in his fast paced thriller weaving fiction with fact.

In my view, Ken has done a lovely job of keeping us turning the pages while educating us on the more highly contentious and esoteric background of Disclosure. I’ll be meeting with Ken privately next week before conducting my interview with him to get some deeper background that didn’t make it into the book. I will share what I can via the interview.