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Posted on Nov 17, 2015 in Blog |

Do each of us have an expiration date?

Do each of us have an expiration date?

Do each of us have an expiration date? I am reminded of this question each time I read of a tragic event in which many lose their lives, such as last Friday’s events in Paris.


The Rosicrucians believe that our birth date is the same as that of our death date in our last incarnation. Vedic astrology professes to foretell the year we will die. At the moment I am listening to a suspenseful work of fiction (for long distance drives to stay awake) titled Book of Souls that is centered around this theme. So, once again, I reflect back to a summer day in Paris where my son and I could have met our expiration date.

It was late afternoon on July 25th, 1995. My son, Stuart, and I were in France for a friend’s wedding and were returning to the apartment on Rue Saint-Michele via the metro after a day out and about. I was very familiar with the underground system from years of travel, but this day something happened. I went the usual way toward the Saint-Michele station. Once on the train I noticed we were backtracking. Impossible! I had read the signs correctly and taken this route many times. How could we be going the wrong direction?

Stuart and I hopped off at the next stop, ran across the overhead walkway and got back on the same line going in the direction we should have been heading, got off one stop later to catch our connection and ran down the stairs toward the platform. Out of breath, we ran to the train we should have been on. The doors of our train closed just a couple of steps out of reach. Damn!

We waited, and waited. It was hot and crowded underground, people were restless. Finally an announcement came and everyone gasped. The train we had missed by a step or two had experienced an explosion just after it pulled out of the station. Eight people were killed and more than 100 injured.

I have gone over this again and again in my mind. I saw the correct sign, or so I thought.  It is the only time I have ever taken the wrong train in my life. Had my eyes deceived me, or had my guidance played tricks on me?

I think of the shocked souls who lose their lives in these tragic events so abruptly and I wonder, was their time simply up? My guess is that it is both fate and circumstance. In my next blog I will share what my “teachers” told me regarding the souls who lost their lives in 9/11. It was quite a surprise.