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Posted on Feb 16, 2016 in Blog |

An Evening With Danny Sheehan

An Evening With Danny Sheehan

I’m having dinner with Daniel Sheehan tonight to catch up before our interview tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for this moment for 15 years.

In early 2001 I attended the UFO congress in Laughlin, Nevada. Exhausted after a day of listening to one speaker after another, I went to sit by the bank of the Colorado River. Soon one of the speakers, Daniel Sheehan, joined me on the bench seeking a little fresh air too. We began talking and this is when my world view of politics shifted irrevocably.

Sheehan is an insider on many levels, and an outsider as well. He has been legal counsel in some of the most high profile legal cases in U.S. history – Iran-Contra affair, Pentagon papers, Karen Silkwood – and he has been a deep insider in the UFO story. His views are vast and well founded.

Back to the park bench, Bush had just been elected, I was profoundly confused as to how this could have occurred and said such. Danny said, “You don’t think these are free elections do you?” While disenchanted with the choices and process, I did believe my vote counted. He then went on to tell me why the Democratic party, including President Clinton, had bailed on supporting Gore. He then stated that the next Democratic candidate had already been chosen – John Kerry.  I naively said, “You already know that?!” He said to watch. So I watched very carefully for the next 3 years how the cabal controlled media rolled that out. It was a big life lesson for me, the pivotal point in my diving into the Conspiracy Theory hole.

Tomorrow we speak of the truth of Disclosure, or non-Disclosure as it may be. I’ll be hanging on by a thread as Danny provides one wild ride!