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Posted on Oct 17, 2016 in Blog | 1 comment

Corey Goode: “Get Up Off Your Knees”

Corey Goode: “Get Up Off Your Knees”

In the parlance of my friend David Icke, “Get up off your knees” became the theme of my conversation with Corey Goode at Gaia a few days ago.

Even though the new media HAS beneficially uncovered the more complex nature of reality, a lot of what the alternative media has been putting out the last decade has been inadvertently disempowering.  The more provocative and controversial elements of emerging stories have often been embraced without eliciting our human response into solutions and opportunities. We have too often become entranced by the notion of advanced entities, throughout the solar system and multi-universe, influencing us while not stopping to look in the mirror at our own power.

Secondly, we often do not discern between technological advancement and spiritual advancement. We wait to be told either that some king or savior is on the way or that we’re going to be enslaved by yet another species. We’re told that we are a young species that needs nurturing and guidance.   At the same time, we are being told we are being exploited by other usurious entities.

What you don’t hear is that the Human Being is an unprecedented anomaly throughout the universe. We have been through a tremendous challenge from the start and are the curiosity of Beings everywhere. Why? Because we are a highly advanced soul that can create at the speed of thought blended with an animal form that creates its reality very slowly due to the limitations of 3rd dimensional density and emotion. This anomaly is known by the Others, and the game is to either exploit us before we wake up to our true nature and abilities, to traumatize us further to slow that process down, or to gently nudge us along in this awakening toward our full potential.

Corey and I touched into this area and the information resonated: Simply put, the Beings who are interested in Human society awakening to our true nature want us to “get up off our knees” and look in the mirror. That is where our strength and solutions lie. As the Beings I associate with have said over the last 3 decades, all of the solutions are lying within us waiting to be discovered and implemented. Our genius is unlimited IF we choose to tap into relationship with our Higher Mind.

This requires that we first stop looking to outside help and threat. The simple acts of generosity, compassion and non-judgment are the golden keys to the vast kingdom of intelligence and intuition within. Corey and I are in complete accordance on this. Why? Because frequencies associated with kindness, generosity and compassion are of a much finer nature than those created out of fear, stress and the need for survival on a daily basis.

These virtues alone serve as a portal into the Higher Mind complex. This is, in my opinion, the only journey that matters as a Human Being. Using the attributes of our Higher Mind, we have the ability to create highly functional, creative and fulfilling societies that thrive on higher spiritual principles. As that, we could no longer be exploited, lied to, or conned.

The choice to bump up our awareness and go into collaboration with our Higher Mind is ours to make. What is at stake? Everything.

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  1. Wow, I love this post today! You’ve articulated the human condition perfectly! Yes, we need to get UP off of our knees and realize WE are empowered beyond our understanding! NOW is the time to realize the solutions do lie within us waiting to be awakened. WE can create and manifest! We must stop doubting ourselves and follow the truth that lies within us! We can create at the speed thought, and why not take our step forward into our Galactic heritage? Remember . . . “Ye are Gods.” This is an excellent post, Regina!!