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Posted on Aug 17, 2015 in Blog |

Conspiracy. What’s out there?

Conspiracy. What’s out there?

I have learned that everyone comes to their deepest truth from a different path. With some, the path begins with conspiracy. This may be the first introduction to the notion that we have been manipulated and lied to.

This brings anger, which seeks resolution. Once you pull THAT thread, it may be a while before you emerge as these topics carry a big charge of emotion. Down the rabbit hole you go….we’ve all been there and I, personally, still keep my finger on the pulse of what’s out there, due to my line of work.

But this is only a beginning point, something to shock, offend, and propel one into a finer line of inquiry. We know this because the final place the average Conspiracy Buff ends up is, “I’m so pissed! And, there’s nothing we can do about it!”

Welcome to boot camp, and, yes, there is something you can do about it. More later…