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Posted on Apr 21, 2016 in Blog, Featured | 7 comments

When Can We Move Beyond Disclosure?

When Can We Move Beyond Disclosure?

I was in the studios at Gaia last week, along with Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Talk among the people present, was, naturally, Disclosure. I chimed in saying that I do not believe it is not going to happen in the way people would like to see. Any official channels will be slow, rolled out over the next few decades. Early adopters such as you and me already know this phenomenon exists. I don’t personally need any more proof – I’ve had decades of it. I am only interested in so far as the subject is making life better on this planet. Yet we have an addictive desire to taste more of the savory juices of alien intrigue. I would like to know why? Why is it that humans can’t get enough of this story once they engage with it?

Meanwhile, our own lives are often slipping by us un-lived as we choose voyeurism into things of high strangeness. Much of this falls under Conspiracy, which I have written about before. My son asked me how I felt about being part of the distribution of conspiracy information and I told him I had begun wondering if I was doing a disservice. While we need to know of deeds that are affecting our lives, is it beneficial to us to be privy to those things over which we have no control, things that can only instill fear? That’s a genuine question to you.

I am constantly trying to feel into the future and how I can be of service through my role at Gaia and beyond and I keep bumping into this same question – When will we be ready to move beyond Conspiracy/Disclosure? When will we want to focus on taking back our sovereignty and connecting deeply with one another again? Aliens are here and come and go whether we like it or not. To me the greatest joy is having friends around for dinner, playing games, walking in the Red Rocks, having fabulous conversations. Meanwhile, the most enjoyable times I had in the UFO circles was being out under the stars, meditating together and looking for anomalies in the sky. It was a bonding experience.

Still, I spend my days diving down the rabbit hole of intrigue to prepare for work. These endeavors feel increasingly out of sync with how I want to show up in the world and live. How are you engaging with it all? I would really like to hear your thoughts on the usefulness of high intrigue that results in fear that cannot be mitigated by you. Are we still doing a service by focusing on it? You are such intelligent and thoughtful people, I take seriously what you have to say.


  1. Regina, thank you for asking the important questions! I feel that pushing for disclosure is a huge part of “taking back our sovereignty”. I don’t believe that it keeps us from leading a full life with loving relationships. Also, some of us, or perhaps many, have had encounter experiences that we would like to understand and resolve. In my mind it is better to “know”. The three things I like to focus on are Beauty, Truth and Love and I don’t want to leave out Truth!

    • I absolutely agree with sita’s comment…although I understand how you must be inundated with information regarding aliens and all matters involving conspiracy theories, that you are sick of hearing about it. But I seem to be directed to information that resonate with me and as sita expressed, helps me to understand experiences that I have had that weren’t otherwise explained. That is the main reason I watch Gaia TV. So many guests with so many viewpoints and teachings. I easily sift through information that is right for me at that particular moment. I listen and then try to put it all into perspective. That is a growing process to be sure! Thank you for asking because I was curious what you thought of the disclosure series.

  2. Hi Regina, I completely resonate with what you’re saying. It’s nice to have a general awareness of the larger picture, but as I recently learned with the current state of politics in this country, at some point too much focus on things outside of our control just serves to feed the ego and take us away from our own truth, and spirit. I think if service to others and the greater good is the focus, the “true north”, then one will keep coming back to that path. Thank you for sharing. Just hearing others speak their truth from the heart is inspiring and of service!

  3. Hello Regina,

    I so appreciate you and all of your service. I find myself asking the same question, where do I put my attention, what do I give my energy to? For me its about 80/20, sometimes I need to remind myself or examine further a topic that is shrouded in the shadow of this experience, whether it be disclosure/chemtrails/illuminati/yaddayadda the list goes on.. But where attention goes energy flows so I try to be mindful of giving myself to the good, to connection, to peace, being grounded in this body, this miraculous moment. But I think there is still a place for examining the shadow, so many have no idea yet and there is always new information wanting to see the light of day. Stepping into the shadow has helped me to understand my place in this beautiful world, to heal myself and to move forward consciously. You have to follow your heart and your purpose, whatever you are called to do is right. If you’re are questioning whether conspiracy is still a relevant topic to bring to the table I would say yes, maybe not so much for you or people who are already in the know but for those who are just discovering this information. They are going to need brilliant and inspiring sources such as yourself as they step out on their journey.. Much love to you!!

  4. ” While we need to know of deeds that are affecting our lives, is it beneficial to us to be privy to those things over which we have no control, things that can only instill fear? That’s a genuine question to you.”
    I’ve thought about this too, and maybe I am not quite on the same track as your statement: I assume here I am. First you answer your own question in the first part of the statement, I think but onto the matter of having no control/ instilling fear:I imagine the situation turned upside down, where everybody knows what only a few know, and it seems to me that then, with as someone said ‘the disinfectant of sunshine’, the conspiracy and the fear go away. I say this because here’s where I think the fear comes in: imagine you hear, for the first time about a situation and it makes you fearful.Yet that situation existed for years and you knew nothing of it, you know most people know nothing of it, and yet they should, but you also know most people won’t pay any attention. That’s the thing that makes us afraid. If everybody knew, the situation, ie. the conspiracy would vanish! It’s the situation not the particulars that are scary. So you have to report it, talk about it. I agree with you on Disclosure: someday we will ‘wake up’ in a post-disclosure world and wonder how long ago we crossed that line. Corey Goode and you and many many others ARE Disclosure.

  5. I do have difficulty believing some of the things Corey says: (I’m hung up on the whole time regression thing.) I do believe a lot is hidden and controlled by criminal syndicates. I think Corey is right when he says no one is going to save us and the best thing we can do is work on our own spiritual development. I try to only hold thoughts of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness & Gratitude – although I fail often, but keep trying.

  6. Regina, I think it all boils down to your important observation and question: “I would really like to hear your thoughts on the usefulness of high intrigue that results in fear that cannot be mitigated by you. Are we still doing a service by focusing on it?”

    What indeed does it matter to be “right” about something you have no influence or choice over? Is it any different than being distracted by, say, Kim Kardashian’s alleged butt-enhancement surgery?

    I think this distraction is a trap of the ego. It makes you feel ‘in the know’ and feels like an action, without actually being an action, and therefore it takes power away from your creative, effective, and affirmative will and places it firmly in the realm of the reactive and powerless.

    My advice: Note what is interesting or intriguing. Resist what is corrosive and distracting. Devote your time, energy, and action to what is creative, loving, and transformative.