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Posted on Dec 14, 2016 in Blog, Gaia | 3 comments

Born to Remember

Born to Remember

For the last several days Gaia has been inundated with supportive comments about the journey of a young woman named Taylor Alexander, my latest release on Gaia.

As a young child, Taylor was an embarrassment to her family while telling neighbors and other adults that they were sick, or going to get a divorce or some other piece of personal information. Her psychic abilities were wide open, which only made her life more difficult.

As a “child of interest” she began experiencing abductions, which are of a different nature that what most experiences share. Technology was used to stun her, take her from her bed and deposit her at strange military like facilities. Surrounded by military and hybrid ET beings, her brain was examined they attempted to groom her psychic abilities for clandestine purposes. Throughout the process Taylor’s spirit guides assured her she was safe and that all of this was for purpose. She simply had to pay very close attention and remember what she was shown and experienced.

As Taylor grew, she attempted to tell others what she had been experiencing. No one believed her and the darkness in her household, under the influence of a step father deeply involved in the dark rituals of the Elite, deepened. She ultimately tried to take her life. The rest is a phenomenal  story of the courage of a child who was born to remember. You can see the two-part interview by clicking on the following link:



  1. Great interview by Regina as usual! She’s one of the best out there. The story told by Taylor, is easily believed. From the bits and pieces we hear and read through the years, the elitists are primarily a negative influence on Humankind.

  2. I agree great interview! I wish they could do a follow up session with her. So many questions I was thinking of… I sent this link to friends hoping they will watch and sign up for gaia. Soooo much to learn about…

  3. Regina,
    Thank you for that interview. She went through so much so early! I love love love that she kept saying her guides told her to just be there and observe. She was so in tune to her guides during those crisis moments.

    What a wonderful woman! (both of you)