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The End of the ‘Taking’ Economy

The End of the ‘Taking’ Economy

Every now and then I pipe up about the economy because fear surrounding finances is one of the fundamental triggers in most people’s lives. And, the insane way the economic system is carrying on gives little comfort, no less hope, for our future and future generations. Toward the goal of understanding exactly what happened to toss us into the agitation cycle of the global money laundering business, I invited Citizen Zeus on my show, which is posted tomorrow on GaiaTV.

After reading his book – Transforming Economy: From Corrupted Capitalism to Connected Communities – Barbara Hand Clow called Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. a true Philosopher of Economics, who, Barbara says, we need to listen to. Lively and plain speaking, Zeus tells in simple terms how we have landed in what Joe Baratta, top equity dealmaker for the Blackstone Group, calls the most “treacherous financial times” he has ever witnessed. After decades of pillaging our coffers, there are no natural markets left, we’ve been squeezed dry. So now what? It’s time to seriously come together as family and community and create a new economic model. Its not just a platitude any longer.

In Part 1 of our show with Citizen Zeus we look at how we ended up here, plus a handful of solutions. Coming up in a few weeks we have two more hours focusing exclusively on the myriad of ways we can take back this Taking Economy and turn it into a Giving Economy in which we, the people, can live and thrive once again.

Go to: and search under Citizen Zeus.

Food for Thought: The Original Commandments

Food for Thought: The Original Commandments

I discovered an arcane document that was channeled by HC Randall Stevens, who was believed to be channeling Osiris in the 1920’s. Among the fascinating glimpses into our ancient past are what is said to be the original Commandments, which are much more elegant than what we have inherited through the Judeo-Christian teachings. I am also enclosing the original documents titled The Osiris Chronicles, which takes us on a journey from Lemurian times through Atlantis and its destruction into Egypt.

1. ‘Abstain from taking the life of thy fellow, or of anything which creepeth upon the face of the Earth, or of that which swimmeth in the depths of the ocean.

2. ‘Seek not to obtain that which doth not belong to thee, for he that doth cast the eye of envy upon his neighbour with desire to obtain that which his neighbour hath, without his consent, hath committed the sin of covetousness.

3. ‘Seek not to supplant thy fellow with desire to take his place, for he who doeth this thing is guilty of deceit.

4. ‘Give honour unto thy earthly Father and Mother, that they have been privileged to be called unto parenthood, for unless the command were of God the Cosmic force, they could not become the vessels of earthly birth.

5. ‘Seek not to take a husband or a wife if the divine spark of love is not brightly burning, for I say unto you that whoso doeth this thing is guilty of seeking the lusts of the mortal body of shame, and hath walked in the ways of Satanaku.

6. ‘Thou shalt not at any time have mortal union with thy brother or thy sister for the sole purpose of satisfying the lusts of the mortal body of shame, for whoso doeth this thing is guilty of practising the Initiations of Satanaku.

7. ‘Never shall any among you seek mortal union with those that are from out the animal kingdom, for I say unto you that this is one of the greatest offences that mortal man or woman can commit before the face of the Cosmic Spirit of God.

8. ‘Speak openly unto thy brother and thy sister that thy words may be as “the sacred oaths” in the eyes of all men.

9. ‘Refrain from the devastating practices of Black Magic, for by these things did those of Atlantis and Sarkon perish.

10. ‘Confess thy faults to no man, but seek the temple of thine own heart which doth dwell within each one of you. Speak with thy God face to face, for He alone can pardon your offences, by giving you a happy and clear conscience with which to appear before men.

11. ‘Help one another as ye yourselves are helped by the Universal Creator.

12. ‘Abstain from the practice of unveiling the faults of others before the multitudes, for by so doing are you degrading them before themselves and before men. He who is faultless let him proclaim it, and his soul will hear him, and recognising the truth which it hath heard, will reward him greatly. But if the lie hath been spoken, then shall the sower gather in the harvest accordingly.

13. ‘Abstain from warring one with another, for by so doing are ye leaning unto the ways of Satanaku.

14. ‘Honour all men as you would have them honour you.'”

“Simplify, simplify…”

“Simplify, simplify…”

These famous words by Henry David Thoreau are finally taking on significance across a wide arc of society. Millennials are among the early adopters of this movement toward simplicity, having been forced into the position as a result of student debt, rising costs of housing and a growing list of challenges along with the increasing heart-felt desire to live life. I couldn’t be happier  to see such a significant healing trend emerging.

Toward that end, I recently interviewed Dr. Zeus Yiamouyiannis, author of Transforming Economy. I knew within a couple of chapters that I would collaborate with him and his work in the future. His Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education is only the starting point to his understanding of the need to, and the means to, shift broken systems into something that works for us, rather than us working for the system. That interview will be coming out down the road on Gaia, but I will begin featuring some of his vast array of blogs on transforming community/economy, education and spirituality. He also has a couple of new books in the works for us to look forward to.

Meanwhile, the article below, by Holly Ashby, lays out a desirable case for simplifying our lives. The end goal is to have the energy and time to contemplate higher, more interesting and more creative themes in life, which we cannot do when we are exhausted from trying to make the monthly nut.

When Can We Move Beyond Disclosure?

When Can We Move Beyond Disclosure?

I was in the studios at Gaia last week, along with Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Talk among the people present, was, naturally, Disclosure. I chimed in saying that I do not believe it is not going to happen in the way people would like to see. Any official channels will be slow, rolled out over the next few decades. Early adopters such as you and me already know this phenomenon exists. I don’t personally need any more proof – I’ve had decades of it. I am only interested in so far as the subject is making life better on this planet. Yet we have an addictive desire to taste more of the savory juices of alien intrigue. I would like to know why? Why is it that humans can’t get enough of this story once they engage with it?

Meanwhile, our own lives are often slipping by us un-lived as we choose voyeurism into things of high strangeness. Much of this falls under Conspiracy, which I have written about before. My son asked me how I felt about being part of the distribution of conspiracy information and I told him I had begun wondering if I was doing a disservice. While we need to know of deeds that are affecting our lives, is it beneficial to us to be privy to those things over which we have no control, things that can only instill fear? That’s a genuine question to you.

I am constantly trying to feel into the future and how I can be of service through my role at Gaia and beyond and I keep bumping into this same question – When will we be ready to move beyond Conspiracy/Disclosure? When will we want to focus on taking back our sovereignty and connecting deeply with one another again? Aliens are here and come and go whether we like it or not. To me the greatest joy is having friends around for dinner, playing games, walking in the Red Rocks, having fabulous conversations. Meanwhile, the most enjoyable times I had in the UFO circles was being out under the stars, meditating together and looking for anomalies in the sky. It was a bonding experience.

Still, I spend my days diving down the rabbit hole of intrigue to prepare for work. These endeavors feel increasingly out of sync with how I want to show up in the world and live. How are you engaging with it all? I would really like to hear your thoughts on the usefulness of high intrigue that results in fear that cannot be mitigated by you. Are we still doing a service by focusing on it? You are such intelligent and thoughtful people, I take seriously what you have to say.

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