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Welcome to my Blog

This is a page devoted to my personal thoughts, experiences and interpretations of highly esoteric to controversial viewpoints.

These will also be posted on my Facebook page, so please feel free to comment if you are inspired.

Stealing the Souls of Children: Part 2

Posted by on Nov 30, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on Stealing the Souls of Children: Part 2

Some of the comments on my FB page point out that the problem of child sexual abuse spreads much wider than the pedophilia rings of the Elite. They are correct.

When my mother told me her uncle had attempted to rape her at the age of nine, this sent a signal through my personal universe. Within the year numerous friends revealed to me that they had also been abused by men in their lives. These men were not strangers, but people known to them. Uncles, brothers, cousins, babysitters, neighbors, priests, and even fathers from all levels of society. Stealing innocence from our children is ubiquitous. Taking all this in, on the level required to begin the healing process, requires a truly open mind.

Sexual abuse accentuates the split in our nature. If we are a body/soul complex as most of us intuitively believe, then we are ultimately part Animal and part sublime Being. The Animal is generally unaware of its luminescent other half. The Animal part is more guided by unconscious desire. There is no intrinsic morality within the Animal part of ourselves, rather survival and biological urges. Raw sexual assertion is perhaps the most primal compulsion of the Animal. If these compulsions are not engaged on a more conscious and loving level, then, sadly, the default can span every type of behavior, including sex with children, family members, and non-consensual sex.

Let’s look as this from another angle – that of past lives. Let’s take a concrete example. Men have consistently been in the company of men on the battlefields. The stimulation of war – and the fear for survival it engenders – is a function of the interior Reptilian brain, which contains the centers of the brain dedicated to sexual pleasure and violence right next to each other. When a man is pumped up for war and releasing high levels of dopamine, he maintains a highly charged state of domination/killing, which he feels compelled to continue. In this situation, rape can become a manifestation of wartime aggression. Violence and pleasure become wired together.

Many, if not most, of us have had the experience of rapist or victim at some point in our incarnations. That data is held within our aura, carried forward from incarnation to incarnation and perpetuated until we can elevate our thinking, feeling, and spiritual understanding. Meanwhile, we may knock along with secret fears or fantasies of rape, sex with innocents, sadomasochism and other predilections. We often feel guilty, wondering where these dark feelings come from.

Those who have stepped over the line from fantasy to the act itself have tasted the blood – the power – of gaining energy at the expense of another. This stimulates yet deeper neural connections between the pleasure/survival brain centers, which re-enforces these behaviors. We now have a sexual predator. In the worst case, we have those who “drink” power in taking the innocence of others as ritual, those among the power elite.

Until the awareness of our own highly creative, brilliant and divinely lit seed at the center of our Being begins to expand in its presence, in our awareness, we remain slaves to our Animal suit and brain. We are left with confusion and guilt over our darker desires and experience horror when we learn of these transgressions among others. The problem is an existential one intrinsic to the human species.

How do we begin to heal? We need to look deeply at the damage our own carelessness and callousness stimulates in others. We can FEEL our way into empathy. We can teach our children to do the same. And, we can talk about the truth of what it is to be Human, for all its glory and shame, its Animal aspect, and its sublime Being capabilities.

Slowly, we begin to treat ourselves and others with patience and compassion. We call out those who exploit others. We no longer cover for one another’s darker behaviors. Mothers no longer tell their daughters and sons to hush, to keep the abuse to themselves, so they might not lose that relationship with their abusive husband, brother, priest or friend. The same applies when a woman is the abuser.

My grandmother told my mother to keep quiet, which my mother did until just before her death. She held the shame of her victimization her entire life. She remained a nine-year old girl who had no external power to fight the injustice. This cycle can stop if we speak our truth on even the most subtle crimes of spirit, the small hurts and cruelties. It starts that simply.

These kids, the victims of sexual predation, need us to show up for them, to expose and break this shameful wound of our human behavior.

Stealing the Souls of Children

Posted by on Nov 21, 2016 in Blog, Open Minds | 9 comments

The minds of the world received a shock last week. For the first time, mainstream news broke perhaps the deepest and darkest story of the world’s elite – their involvement in pedophilia. Who could these people be? Monsters? Or someone that looks like you and me?

I have known this story for the last decade, but I was shocked to the core when I read that one of my interviewees was at the heart of this pedophlia ring. In January of 2016, Sterling Allen, founder of, was identified as the gatekeeper of a pedophilia website that has implicated 70,000 of the world’s elite including the late Justice Antonin Scalia, the Podesta brothers, and heads of state and industry.

Allen presented himself publicly as a passionate promoter and advocate of leading-edge alternative energy technologies such as cold fusion, perpetual motion and other exotic devices that promised free energy.

During a pre-interview dinner with Sterling Allen, he told me of his woes in being ex-communicated from the Mormon church, and how much he missed his community. He was soft spoken, sad, and nervous. A year or two later I came into contact with him again and witnessed an obvious psychological unraveling and declined to interview him despite his request. Finally, a year or two after that, I learned that Allen’s computer had been confiscated, blowing the lid off of a global pedophilia ring.

The first question many will ask is “How can human beings do this to children?” Perhaps the best answer I have received came in an email just yesterday from another of my interviewees, Belinda Womack, author of Lessons From The Twelve Archangels. She spoke of the deep wounding inflicted upon each of our hearts and souls resulting from the accumulated abuse and insensitivity administered by adults to us as children throughout our incarnations. Here is what she wrote:

“….Thieves of power have always understood that the child is Source incarnate. It is a sensitive and wanting-to-please child that has the purest heart energy for manifesting and when this energy is stolen, it becomes a great asset to the taker. In ages past, even the dreams of children were snatched because their dreams held vast intelligence, passion and insight into co-creating a new world…”

As a little bit of history, the first whistle blower on this topic was David Icke. I have known David for about a dozen years. While attending a conference at Mt. Shasta, he asked me to please interview Cathy O’Brien, a victim of elite pedophilia. I said I could not do it because her subject was too dark. He asked again, saying that she had not been given a proper hearing. I relented, picked up a copy of her book Tranceformation of America, read the first ten pages, burst into tears, and slept fitfully.

The next day Cathy and I met and spoke on camera for one hour. Her story has been well documented and began at birth. She has little memory of her childhood apart from the sexual use and abuse by her father, a worm digger and child pornographer. To avoid prosecution as a child pornographer, her father made a deal. According to Cathy, by the age of 6, her father handed her over to then Michigan Governor George Romney (Mitt’s father) to be used as a sex slave for members of elite. Her handler was reportedly Senator Robert Byrd. As she matured she was used for high level prostitution and drug-running for global elites. She employed her highly developed photographic memory to garner numbers and names while in their company. Her skills were developed under a mind control program called Project Monarch, part of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program.

I could not have done the story if it ended there. By the end of our conversation she shared with me how the eventual patience and love of her husband helped her to recover herself, her memories, and, mostly, the bright shiny seed of light that lives deep within virtually all of us.

Cathy’s story emerged as one of redemption. To better understand how this devastating scenario plays out, you can go to the Gaia archives with the following link – – then search for Cathy O’Brien.

America’s Dirty Little Secret (and the Silver Lining)

Posted by on Nov 9, 2016 in Blog | 2 comments

We’ve just awakened from a bar brawl with a headache, not knowing how we got here. Donald Trump, the inscrutable and uncharitable reality TV star, is the President elect. In reaction, the financial markets around the world began to tumble overnight. But, once the sun rose, the market controllers were able to re-establish relative normality and we’re left wondering if we just imagined the whole thing.

Meanwhile, I always find the timing of my research to be serendipitous. Yesterday I was preparing for my interview with Klaire D. Roy, scribe for a Tibetan master known as The Tibetan (Djwhal Khul), who also spoke through Alice Bailey and Helene Blavatsky, Theosophists of the early 20th century who believed there were secret higher teachings available to those who chose to enlighten themselves.

In this new iteration of The Tibetan’s message, he used The 7 Rays as a lens to evaluate public figures, both living and deceased. He clearly stated that this was not to elicit comparison, rather to help us understand what varying levels of initiation look like in our world. Of course, I was immediately drawn to the profiles of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which took me down a deeper rabbit hole.

Let’s say we’re using a scale of 1-5. The highest Initiate level of the people featured in the book was 4.7. In general, I found the analysis of individuals to be quite level headed and non prejudicial.

Donald Trump, registered 1.2, a level that “creates karma through much carelessness and recklessness.” George W. Bush was 1.0. We know that story. But, interestingly, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama registered 2.3, which is said to be the level in which one begins to listen to the inner voice, but still possesses the arrogance of a new initiate in Hillary’s case. America’s movie stars and celebrities generally come in at 1.5 and under, which is the dominant pulse of the media. It’s no wonder we chose a man with that level of awareness. We are bathing in a sea of low frequencies and he’s a perfect match. So what is the a dirty little secret?

All of the polls, even the Las Vegas betting pools, gave it to Hillary – all but one, the Los Angeles Times poll. This poll was taking a random sample from people who supplied their answers online, in other words, their answers were anonymous. They didn’t have to face the pollster and say they were voting for Trump. But, in the quiet of their homes, they shared themselves. They were afraid. Some wanted to throw grenade in the system. Others had become haters of anything that represents ‘other.’ They told their truth when no one was looking, including the privacy of the voting booth.

The silver lining? There is a massive rift in levels of consciousness taking place on Earth now. We can either be absorbed to the prevailing 1.0+ frequencies, or we can lift ourselves our of the morass and come together in the spirit of truth, higher consciousness and collaboration. We create our own new sense of community, people of all ages and cultures like you reading this from all parts of the world. We have one thing in common – 1.0 is not good enough to base our lives and future upon.

‘We’re Not Bound by Numbers on a Screen!’

Posted by on Nov 8, 2016 in Blog, Videos | Comments Off on ‘We’re Not Bound by Numbers on a Screen!’

This video just arrived in my email box from my friend, musician Fionn O’Lochlainn. He thought I would particularly appreciate the message. I did.

As with many creative mystics, Fionn’s music has always struck me with its originality and it’s depth, but THIS video is one for NOW – today, the telltale moment of our collective consciousness in the U.S. – election day. Little more needs to be said about our need and desire to throw off the shackles of the game of deception we’ve all been herded into over days, weeks and years, even millennia. Please feel free to watch and pass on on this day of Decision.

Strange Creatures Are Showing Themselves

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Blog, Gaia, Open Minds | Comments Off on Strange Creatures Are Showing Themselves

People are disappearing from the wild lands of the U.S. at a surprising rate. At the same time, strange looking creatures are now showing themselves. Speculation is that the increased electro-magnetic energy being broadcast by the sun is opening up portals to other dimensions of earth where strange phenomena are occurring. The story can go quite dark if left unexamined, but Jack Carey and I took it to a new level of engagement in my Gaia interview with him, which was published a few days ago and is getting good comments. Here’s the link: It will be the top interview on the page. You can click on ‘Preview’ too if you wish to get a short clip without logging in. Otherwise, sign into your account or you can do a trial membership and binge. Enjoy! It’s an interesting ride!

Danny Sheehan: America’s Dark Political History (VERY Dark)

Posted by on Nov 2, 2016 in Blog, Open Minds | 1 comment

For those of you who haven’t seen my recent interview with Daniel Sheehan on “Out of the Shadows of History”, you might want to take the time to do so. Just a couple of comments from a couple of many viewers:

“This is the story we never hear. PLEASE continue your discussion with Dan!”

“Amazing, please have him back again!”

“Unbelieveable, it all ties together. Mind blown.”

What they are speaking of is Daniel’s incredibly deep insider view of America’s political history starting in the 1930’s with Hitler’s Germany. It’s a primer like no other in understanding the powers that are working against our freedom, creating what is nothing short of a fascist corporatocracy running the United States of America. In case this sounds too harsh, here’s a definition of fascism from Benito Mussolini himself; “Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” There you have it. From the horse’s mouth.

As a brief back story, I met Daniel in 2001, sitting on a park bench at night outside a conference at Laughlin, Nevada. He explained the facts of how politics works in America and continued to tell me – 3 years before the election – who would be the Democratic party’s nominee in 2004, which was John Kerry. Shocked, I asked how he knew this. To cut to the chase, this interview explains how this nasty business is done and is a “must watch” video for anyone disgusted with what is happening in this country to our political process. If you take this up…please watch all the way to the end. You will need to take a few breathers as the information comes at you in a nearly overwhelming rate of speed.

 Click on this link which will take you to the most recent episode with Sheehan:

New Technology Overpowers Negative Frequencies

Posted by on Nov 1, 2016 in Blog | 4 comments

The film Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) featured a technology that was able to force a crowd of people into violence. The signal came from cell phones that had been “upgraded” with a new sim card – free from the cell phone mogul. The mogul and his evil cohorts programmed the sim cards to emit frequencies that induced a targeted crowd of church goers into a murderous rampage.

While having dinner with Catherine Austin Fitts recently, we talked about this film, which we both found to be eerily threatening, perhaps literally, in the form of predictive programming. As we mused over the potential deployment of such technologies, she pointed me to a video of the Chucky Cheese brawl on YouTube, where mothers and fathers pulled hair, slapped one another and pushed each other down. I mused over how wonderful it would be if such a technology could be used to give the OPPOSITE effect that left the targeted one clear and bright, relaxed and loving.

Voila! It exists!

I recently interviewed two men who have developed a technology that overrides these offending technological outputs by lifting the frequencies of a designated area to higher vibrations. This was particularly interesting to me as it is to many other people in my line of work as we all experience interference. So, I asked to be given the experience the FLFE wave (Focused Life-Force Energy: chi elevating science), which we have nicknamed ‘Fluffy.’

Similar in concept to Stephen Lewis’ AIM technology, only more obvious in its effects, an array of pre-programmed frequencies can be projected via the quantum field to an end target. They can carry such programs as grounding, immune system, relationships, mental clarity and much more. One of the more exotic frequencies is the removal of negative influences, including dark technology and entities.

Once Fluffy was turned on in my home, there was a noticeable quieting and clarifying of energies. Dreams intensified, our nervous systems calmed down. Impressed, I asked the FLFE founders, Clayten Stedmann and Jeff Stegman, to try it on someone who was losing their life force rapidly. Within 48 hours, my friend’s energy turned around and have they have since said they felt 20 years younger and have their life back. It was then that I revealed that she had been gifted with the the FLFE technology.

Since then I’ve shared this with several friends, all of whom are experiencing varying degrees of clarity and grounding. This includes their children, who are unaware of the technology.

Because it’s so unstable out there, I thought it only fair to share this with you. I am not affiliated with FLFE, but believe that it can play a significant part in the stability of our homes, health and relationships. The interview won’t air for another few months, so I’m giving you a heads up now because we could all use a leg up in this insane world. Here’s a link to the site:

Corey Goode: “Get Up Off Your Knees”

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016 in Blog | 1 comment

In the parlance of my friend David Icke, “Get up off your knees” became the theme of my conversation with Corey Goode at Gaia a few days ago.

Even though the new media HAS beneficially uncovered the more complex nature of reality, a lot of what the alternative media has been putting out the last decade has been inadvertently disempowering.  The more provocative and controversial elements of emerging stories have often been embraced without eliciting our human response into solutions and opportunities. We have too often become entranced by the notion of advanced entities, throughout the solar system and multi-universe, influencing us while not stopping to look in the mirror at our own power.

Secondly, we often do not discern between technological advancement and spiritual advancement. We wait to be told either that some king or savior is on the way or that we’re going to be enslaved by yet another species. We’re told that we are a young species that needs nurturing and guidance.   At the same time, we are being told we are being exploited by other usurious entities.

What you don’t hear is that the Human Being is an unprecedented anomaly throughout the universe. We have been through a tremendous challenge from the start and are the curiosity of Beings everywhere. Why? Because we are a highly advanced soul that can create at the speed of thought blended with an animal form that creates its reality very slowly due to the limitations of 3rd dimensional density and emotion. This anomaly is known by the Others, and the game is to either exploit us before we wake up to our true nature and abilities, to traumatize us further to slow that process down, or to gently nudge us along in this awakening toward our full potential.

Corey and I touched into this area and the information resonated: Simply put, the Beings who are interested in Human society awakening to our true nature want us to “get up off our knees” and look in the mirror. That is where our strength and solutions lie. As the Beings I associate with have said over the last 3 decades, all of the solutions are lying within us waiting to be discovered and implemented. Our genius is unlimited IF we choose to tap into relationship with our Higher Mind.

This requires that we first stop looking to outside help and threat. The simple acts of generosity, compassion and non-judgment are the golden keys to the vast kingdom of intelligence and intuition within. Corey and I are in complete accordance on this. Why? Because frequencies associated with kindness, generosity and compassion are of a much finer nature than those created out of fear, stress and the need for survival on a daily basis.

These virtues alone serve as a portal into the Higher Mind complex. This is, in my opinion, the only journey that matters as a Human Being. Using the attributes of our Higher Mind, we have the ability to create highly functional, creative and fulfilling societies that thrive on higher spiritual principles. As that, we could no longer be exploited, lied to, or conned.

The choice to bump up our awareness and go into collaboration with our Higher Mind is ours to make. What is at stake? Everything.

Physicist Says Consciousness Survives Death

Posted by on Oct 7, 2016 in Blog, News | Comments Off on Physicist Says Consciousness Survives Death

This is where life is becoming really exciting and where my passion lies.

After delivering some recent lectures on the subject of our multi-dimensional nature as Human Beings, and its profound implications, another high ranking scientist makes astounding statements regarding the continuation of consciousness after our death. He, in fact, believes that we jump universes, which may be another term for dimensions, between lifetimes.

Dr. Robert Lanza has gone on record stating that consciousness/creativity precedes any material expression in the universe. In other words, a creative force/s is responsible for the existence of the physical universe. Few scientists will so boldly make this claim, which, to me, is as obvious as the nose on our faces. One only needs to look at a rose to understand that creative genius is behind its blueprint. More challenging for most humans is that they themselves hold this creative genius, which is not a platitude, rather, a fact. For some enlightening reading, read on!

Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe After Death


The Great Deluge is Going Mainstream

Posted by on Oct 6, 2016 in Blog | 1 comment

In alternative and progressive scientific circles a great deal of discussion is taking place regarding the Great Flood. While debate continues on what inspired the planetary flood, there is now a somewhat general agreement that a flood did exist and that the available knowledge and technology of the day was carried forward and preserved at sites such as Gobekli Tepe. When you consider that the Great Pyramid is said to be 85,000 years old (by the Hermetic tradition), however, it once again brings to bear the perpetual expression of natural human genius.

While we have spent a great deal of time crediting the ETs with all of our advancements, it appears more difficult for humanity to consider that we have always been imbued with brilliance, which has been dulled repeatedly by Earth traumas such as the Great Flood of 11-12,000 years ago. All evidence, however, points to the fact that we repeatedly revive and express our genius once we recover from loss of land, resources, technology and spirit. This has been our human journey. Along this line of thinking, the following article from Graham Hancock addresses the connection between Earth catastrophe, Atlantis, Noah’s Ark and Gobekli Tepi. It is based on his newest work Magicians of the Gods.