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Welcome to my Blog

This is a page devoted to my personal thoughts, experiences and interpretations of highly esoteric to controversial viewpoints.

These will also be posted on my Facebook page, so please feel free to comment if you are inspired.

Why is Self Confidence Hard? Earth is Weird.

Posted by on May 1, 2017 in Blog, Featured | Comments Off on Why is Self Confidence Hard? Earth is Weird.

It’s hard to feel confident on Earth. It’s a weird place.

Most of humanity walks around with a black hood over their head, cut off from their Higher Mind’s perceptions, its ability to see beyond time and space and guide us. We constantly wonder if we’re on the right track, did the right thing, know what’s next. It’s the dilemma of being a hybrid species with a brilliant creative force at our core but with an animal mind, wired toward survival, running the show. It wasn’t meant to be that way.

But here we are, doing the best we can.

Here is just one instructive example:  Often that we become excited at a creative idea or “download” from the Higher Mind. However, because we live in a dimension marked by time, our enthusiasm can fizzle out before it has a chance to manifest this idea. Or maybe it takes longer than we had imagined for this idea to materialize. Then we feel we somehow didn’t perform or failed.

Meanwhile, we look to others who seem to be leading a more successful or audacious life and wonder what’s wrong with us. This is not helped by constantly seeing everyone’s highlight reels in social media, in almost all instances, a false snapshot of their reality. You ask yourself:  Why can’t I get my boat in the water? In fact, there is nothing wrong with you.

Here’s the secret.

Virtually all of us carry fear of failure or uncertainty within us. There is only one thing that separates the “successful” from the rest – those who go for it in spite of their fear. The rest of humanity let’s fear hold them back, settling for a safe and manageable life. This is perfectly fine providing you don’t aspire to more.  But if something is gnawing at you to express itself, read on.

About 20 years ago a friend and I were talking. He was a person who seemed to have the golden touch. He was in sales early on in the computer industry and retired young.  We were talking about a new project I was about to launch and I was expressing doubt in my ability to succeed. He said, “Let me tell you a story.”

It went like this: There was an anonymous study done in which Fortune 500 CEOs were interviewed. When they were asked about their greatest fear, they responded overwhelmingly that they were afraid their peers and colleagues would discover them for the fraud they felt they were. These are the guys we see on the covers of magazines with white shiny smiles and sly, knowing sideways glances at the camera. They believe they are fakes!

So what does that say to the rest of us? It says “Don’t let fear and uncertainty stop you.” In  the meantime, it certainly doesn’t hurt to begin developing a closer relationship with your Higher Mind where all of your answers lie, eliminating some of the fear and uncertainty.

When you take the black hood off, anxiety and uncertainty diminishes. Clarity and patience emerge. Imagine if you could just pick one small thing you’ve been over-thinking or over-worrying and say YES! See what happens. You might be surprised. 🙂

Why Gratitude Works!

Posted by on Mar 12, 2017 in Blog, Featured | Comments Off on Why Gratitude Works!

We all struggle to tap into our Higher Mind for guidance, because life often seems to block out our clarity. But, this morning a powerful insight struck me – that Gratitude (with a capital G!) is an opening to connection with our own inner wisdom, clarity, and inspiration, with no real effort. Here’s how the insight developed.

Mornings with my partner Zeus are where the spiritual and earth forces meet. Wonderful discussions, sharings and debates rise up over the morning cup of tea, while still in pajamas.

This morning we debated the merit of focusing on Soul vs. Higher Mind, the functional apparatus for communication from Soul.  Gratitude, or direct appreciation, increases the finer frequencies that create an opening between our ordinary conscious and the Higher Mind.   This is the Holy Grail. Why do I call it the Holy Grail?

Because living in direct connection with Higher Mind/Soul is where all of the clarity, meaning and, ultimately, joy of life is coming from. Our Soul’s expanded view of our potential and its incredibly clever ways of manifesting what is for our best is incomprehensible to our ordinary waking mind. This small mind’s lists and plans are truly laughable in the presence of the Higher Mind. But, we are human, and the small mind makes us feel like we have some kind of control over our fate.

When we go into a meditation on gratitude, however, we are conjuring up appreciation for all of the good that has expressed itself in our lives. (If we have wisdom, we are also grateful for those things that challenge us, knowing they are paving the way for the better.)

While being in this state, with closed eyes, we feel these finer feelings akin to a kind of love wash over us. We may tingle, feel euphoric or blissed out. I used to become lost in these sessions because the feelings were so pleasant that time stopped.

These subtle feelings expand our field then into a much finer frequency, one that is much more closely attuned to the Higher Mind. This fosters an openness that is not normally reached while in our daily functional mode, which is oriented to the “doing” of life. This “doing” mode is a more protective and closed field.

Many would say that meditation alone can do this and, in many cases of devout mediators, this is true. But even the novice can create this access to Soul through the feelings of Gratitude.

As another benefit, the things, people, or states of being that we focus upon become energetically empowered via the effects of magnetism. The very focusing of our high-frequency mental/emotional energy upon something amasses a supportive field of energy around it.  That is how remote healing works, as one example.  The quality and beauty of the feeling and thought together, causes a reality-changing injection of energy.

In summary, taking time for Gratitude helps us enjoy powerful positive feelings that open doorways to our Higher Mind that can then whisper its wisdoms into our minds (The Holy Grail).  At the same time we empower the very people and things that we focus on during the meditation.

This is the epitome of a Win-Win-Win!

The Hermetic Tradition: Earth is Where Dark and Light Meet

Posted by on Mar 8, 2017 in Blog, Featured | Comments Off on The Hermetic Tradition: Earth is Where Dark and Light Meet

When I speak of darkness, I run the risk of turning off those of you who have chosen to “live in the light,” because you might interpret any discussion of darkness as resisting or turning away. But, the simple reality is this: Earth is the intersecting plane between light and dark. That is what makes life here so extraordinarily complex while offering infinite possibility.
The many millennia-old Hermetic tradition sees Earth as the Third Realm. On Earth, entities from both above and below exert their influence. Entities from below hasten us to be taken over by fear, live a compromised life, and become easily exploitable. Entities from above tilt our hearts and eyes upward to a more fruitful, loving and creative reality.
Depending on our own emotions in any given moment, we can vacillate wildly between the influences of these dark and light entities. This is because our thoughts, emotions, and choices either raise or lower our frequencies at any given moment. This is a very profound dynamic, which each of us has to learn to manage in our own way.
That said, there are methods with which to gain mastery over our own vibrational field to keep us from ping ponging from highs to lows. I have spent decades learning how to refine this swing and stay as much as possible in the realm of peace and love, but I certainly have had my moments of spectacular failure!
My world changed significantly when, about 6 years ago, an acquaintance met with me to ask me if I would place a tiny thumbnail advertisement on my former website Conscious Media Network. Curious, I checked into this ad. It involved a mysterious invitation to apply to an Hermetic Order that appeared to be centered in England.
The ad stated that this Order had no leader, no personal identity, no contact with other people, just lessons that would arrive weekly. The lessons would offer classical Occult (or hidden) knowledge passed from Atlantean times through the high consciousness times of Egypt and into our times.
Like many of us, I objected to the word Occult as It has been so horribly misused. “Occult” simply refers to the hidden, or invisible, nature of reality. Hermetic occult subjects have spanned from the history of esoteric sciences and religions to metaphysics to art, sound and poetry. Most importantly, the Hermetic tradition engages how the realms of reality interface with one another.
I took the bait and applied.
I have been a student of the Hermetic tradition since that time. It has been an amazing, highly rewarding, and revealing journey. I have been exposed to world-changing wisdom. At the same time, however, I have noticed that the information can come off as austere, dogmatic and even exclusive. The language can be both alternately brilliant and overly emphatic in its certainty. Despite this, and maybe even BECAUSE of these thought-provoking contradictions, I have not regretted a moment of my learning.
Importantly, the Hermetics do not ask you to obey them, but to instead try and test things for yourself and draw your own independent conclusions. I don’t agree with everything I read in these lessons, and they do encourage students to seek answers everywhere possible. Hermetic study is grounded in science, history, and metaphysics. It has been a wonderful resource for helping me to develop a framework for some of my own thoughts and experiences.
The teachers of the Hermetic tradition are called Hidden Masters because they have no identity and they have gained mastery over their area of knowledge. Hermetic study goes on for many years – though you can drop out at any time. It is a highly personal endeavor that is not for everyone. There are no New Age platitudes and no easy formulas for enlightenment. It is a journey for the deeply curious and independent spiritual researcher.
It works like this. If you’re interested, write them a letter of application according to the instructions on their website. If you choose to move forward, they will charge a fee for the time and postage fee of mailing out the plain brown envelop like clockwork each week. You can add an additional gratuity for the trouble the teacher goes through to answer your letters, which are encouraged. There is no other fee.
I’ve been speaking of the need to bring back higher virtues and truth into this chaotic world. This is one path that works for me.



I have been facilitating meditation and regressions for more than three decades as a former hypnotherapist. Combining this with my decades of research and mystical journeying, I will help you dive to your core desires, wounds and authentic power to activate your true gifts.

While in the intimate setting of my beautiful Sedona home, your body and spirit will be nurtured with fresh organic, gluten-free treats.

Friday: 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. (There will be a 2-hour dinner break)

Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Introductory Price: $995.00 

 For more information contact Regina at:

Truth in a ‘Post Truth’ Era

Posted by on Feb 7, 2017 in Blog, Featured | Comments Off on Truth in a ‘Post Truth’ Era

If there is one bewildering aspect of being human, it is our strange relationship with the concept of Truth. We don’t even notice how many times a day we tell little lies to ourselves and others.

But, the truth is, a healthy world can ONLY be built on Truth. Yet, we live in a world filled with deceit – from lies of mass manipulation to small white lies to preserve a relationship with someone. But, in the end, large or small, lies undermine our sense of peace, beauty and even love.

We all regularly experience the unconscious agreement of buying into the lies of others. Just look at the world around us and see how these current ridiculous pieces fell into place. It happened through one carefully orchestrated, or even careless, lie after another to bend perception toward someone’s gain. The word ‘lie’ itself has even been bent into a farce when it was recently termed “alternative facts.” I nearly fell off my chair when I read that one.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the Human Being is a uniquely conflicted species. Highly intelligent and creative beyond our imagination on one hand, and easily controllable, living in fear for our own survival on the other. The Animal Man’s fear of survival easily succumbs to control through deception. It will believe anything that makes it feel safer, even if believing the lie in reality makes your actual situation more dangerous. This perception of survival is where Truth can become very inconvenient indeed.

Relationships of all kinds, be it work, friendship or intimate love, find us shape-shifting the truth to be accepted by another person. The fear is that to be judged or rejected will threaten our sense of safety, or even survival. So, as a means to an end, we misrepresent ourselves. Then we have to  keep up the facade, living in fear of being discovered for the fraud that we are (or have represented ourselves as.) This creates a low level, constant anxiety, whether we know it or not. Worse, it keeps us from our genuine truth and genuinely meaningful connections.

In trying to make something fraudulent work for us, we deny the opportunity to find the very thing that DOES work for us. I believe we have all experienced this in one relationship or another. We try to keep it together with one compromise and deflection of truth after another. Why? Because something in us believes either we don’t deserve, or can’t somehow have, what is divinely and rightfully ours. So we use subtle deceits to keep the familiar going.

Conversely, when the “moment of truth” arrives at various times in our lives, we feel relieved. Heart pumping, sweaty palmed we face off with someone, knowing we can’t play the game of deceit any longer. We tell our big Truth, knowing the entire house might burn down. Then this thing happens. A tremendous release of tension and anxiety flows out of us. The Emptying lets us feel ourselves for the first time in ages. In this Void exists all possibility. Over time, the new begins flowing in and filling the Void. Perhaps love, or work, or friendship arrives once again.

If we have the courage to demonstrate our truth from the beginning, the learning curve and course correction is incredibly short, rather than painful and extended. We move on to find the best positioning or fit for ourselves.

If there is one thing that stops a person from pursuing this logical procession, it is a simple lack of faith that life is filled with Grace and Abundance in the real sense of the word. In a future blog I will speak about Grace and Abundance. This will not be your New Age Mama’s version. It’s literally all around us waiting to be expressed through us, but it demands patience and a little bit of faith.

How Your Higher Mind Can Win! (Free Will, part 2)

Posted by on Jan 30, 2017 in Blog, Featured | 2 comments

In my last blog on Free Will, I distinguished between Free Will generated from the Higher Mind, vs. the Lower (conscious) Mind. What we often fail to understand is that the “conscious mind” is a LOWER aspect of our intelligence. Even though we think our conscious mind is aware and making our choices, its true purpose, according to my guiding forces, is simply to “keep us from bumping into things.” In my last blog I told a story about an ill advised trip to France where my conscious mind tried to override my Higher Mind’s guidance to stay home.  My Higher Mind won as I suddenly became too sick to travel.

When we see our willful plans crushed or un-manifested, you can rely on the fact that it is because we did not listen to our Higher Mind. In the case of my trip to France, I knew how to listen, received the message, then chose to ignore it. While unwise, this is a step along from not hearing the message at all.

This part of engaging Free Will can be incredibly frustrating as many don’t know HOW to listen to the Higher Mind. I will be talking about that in a future blog. First, the mechanics of Free Will:

The quality of our lives, our destiny fulfilled or not, comes down to whether or not the Higher Mind or Lower Mind wins out in the expression of Free Will. You might say that the only passport one needs to what some call Heaven, Nirvana, or Bliss is understanding this one thing! As the 19th century transcendentalist Theodore Parker said: “The whole sum and substance of human history may be reduced to this maxim: that when man departs from the divine means of reaching the divine end, he suffers harm or loss.”

There are natural affinities between all elements of life from the physical realm to the spiritual. These follow their own path naturally and in concert with cosmic forces. We have all had experiences when we feel perfectly “in tune” with a person, a song, place on earth, a type of tree or flower or spiritual understanding. These would be natural affinities. What comes next is the game of Free Will.

We can either choose to engage with these natural affinities, or we can choose to deny them. As an example, in societies with caste systems (which is virtually every society on earth!) a person may find a great affinity with a person from another caste. Conditioning by family and society would tell them to stay away from this person, “It will end in tears/ruin your life.”

Yet the feeling between the two people persists, awash in innocence, love and longing. They can subvert their societal programming and live into the love they are presented with or they can deny it due to the mental/Lower Mind constructs of the world in which they live. On one level or another, we all understand the implications of denying this kind of love. Yet, we make such life-denying decisions all the time.

A more common situation might be that we are presented with a choice to spend time with someone who is draining our energies with their need for attention, drama, etc. We don’t want to hurt their feelings and lose the friendship so we indulge them. We willingly give our energy over to be drained out of fear of loss. This is Lower Mind in action. This is where we can clearly hear the voice of the Higher Mind saying to conserve and preserve our energies for better use, but Fear, the agent of Lower Mind, wins out. We have all done this. This is choosing to ignore the Higher voice inside.

It is these small, insidious, little decisions day in and day out that constitute the quality of our lives. Is indulgence and compromise the divine path to the divine end? No.

If we think that living in congruity with our Higher inner voice is an overwhelming prospect, know that it is not. It is as simple as honoring these basic feelings that present themselves throughout each and every day and choosing the higher path. One small decision in honor of preserving and uplifting your energy, leads to another and another. This does not mean to negate our commitment to caring for others in an honest way as mothers, fathers, spouses, friends and co-workers. But this can be done with integrity and not as slaves to another. You know the difference.

The end result of this practice is a carefully crafted beautiful life – “the divine means of reaching the divine end.” It’s a choice, a matter of Free Will to honor the calling of spirit or not.

Free-Will: Part One

Posted by on Jan 19, 2017 in Blog, Featured | 1 comment

Okay. The game is on, and we can now begin to exhibit our free-will in shaping the future. The surprising events that have unfolded over the past year have told us – unequivocally – that we’re ready for a new reality to emerge. So, what is our part in helping to create a new reality?

First, instead of becoming more agitated, perhaps we become still. Second, we dive deep within ourselves to listen to our Inner Voice. If we get that far, and actually hear an answer, we have to discern how we’re going to approach the message.

While we are listening to the Inner Voice of the Higher Mind, we have Free-Will to act upon it or ignore it. I have found, however, that ignoring these messages comes at our own peril. If we do choose to listen to the message, we need to determine how we are going to interact with it.

I have found that when my Higher Mind or Spirit speaks, it generally knows what it’s talking about. I might go into resistance at the message, and even try to ignore it, but I always lose. Let me give you one humorous example, though it didn’t feel funny at the time.

I have spent a large percentage of my tourist dollars over a lifetime to place myself in France, and I was preparing to visit France once again. It’s a pull from past lives that I have found difficult to ignore. The culture and cuisine have proved intoxicating along with that strange “je ne sais quoi” – or, karma – calling.

As I was readying to buy my plane ticket, I happened to go into a meditation in which The Voice said, “You’re not going.” to which I said, “Yes, I am.” So I bought the ticket. I am a Free Woman with Free Will!

I found the ticket at a good price and packed my bags. The night before the flight I smugly thought “I told you I’m going!” The coast was clear with no obstacles (that I could see) to stop me.

When I awoke the next morning, I had to sprint to the bathroom. Overnight, a pernicious urinary tract infection had set in – for no reason. This had only happened a couple of times in my life, and there was no apparent cause this time. Not only would I not be able to make it to the airport, I couldn’t make it from one rest stop to another in time to heed its very painful call.

I missed my flight. Annoyed, I sat down to meditate over my misfortune when The Voice said, “We told you you were not going.” I asked “But, why?” The response was fascinating.

The Voice said that each time I return to France, each time I speak and hear the language, it brings these pixels of past life energy forward in my aura. These were not the most conscious of past times for me. The message continued by saying that I needed to let this historic energy go and begin building new resonance. Another trip to the scene of my past deeds would subvert this process; it would hold me back.

There had been clues as to this truth, but I had chosen to ignore them. As I practiced my French, I was now finding the language irritating. I suddenly didn’t like the attitude of the people on the language CD. They were haughty. Hearing and speaking the language had become offensive to me. How strange?! “Where was this coming from?”  I thought, having completely forgotten the warning given.

Had I paid attention to the signs, I would have willingly cancelled my plans. But I didn’t listen and, instead, exerted my Free-Will. So, why do I mention this? Well exerted Free-Will requires clarity and responsibility, neither of which I exhibited in this instance. I loved the Free part, but I was not understanding the Will part. Whether Will is generated from my small brain or my Higher Mind is of paramount importance in examining the value of Free-Will. I will write about applied Will in its highest sense very soon.

Tricky Times Indeed!

Posted by on Jan 7, 2017 in Blog | 4 comments

As women around the country hatch their plans to protest march on Inauguration Day, others believe that the United States is going to reach some kind of nostalgic ideal of greatness. Personally, I believe a vision I had hours after the election of President-elect Trump is true – even necessary.

Let me back up. Days before the election of Obama to the presidency eight years ago, I had a vision. I was shown that Obama’s role was to excite the public into wanting more from our system. “Change we can believe in” became the mantra. There was something close to mania the night of the election with people around the country in tears with the hope that things would be different.

My vision, however, showed that Obama would likely fail to create change as he would be beholden to the ruling elite. He risked life and family if he acted outside the box, in spite of any good intentions to do so. The end point of the vision showed Obama falling short, whipping us into a further reactive state of demand for change. He WOULD be the change agent, only not in the way we had expected.

Eight years have passed. We were disappointed, creating pressure for even bolder change. We got it.

The morning after the past presidential election I sat down to meditate upon the situation when, within seconds, the words The Destroyer, in an elegant font, filled my vision. Surprised at the starkness of the message, I jolted myself out of the brief meditative state and contemplated the message.

We do not yet learn from slow, calm and progressive change via clear thinking and right action. We are still reactionaries. We have just proven this. Now we have been given a golden opportunity. We have elected a uniquely unqualified individual to run of the world’s most powerful governments. This is when WE become grown-ups and begin engaging once again. We demand. We incite. We reconcile. We connect. There are billions of us and a handful of those who claim the world’s power positions. They do this because they are uniquely trained to do so.

Few of us have the ability to amass such power from the public. These ruling individuals have drive and WILL, and will go to any lengths to accomplish their goals. The rest of us are living our lives between our private passions/pleasures and obligation, hoping to create a good life somewhere along the way. We generally lack WILL in its truest sense. WILL has, in fact, become the antithesis of New Age thinking in which we chill, ask for guidance, and allow. The thing is, those practices DO have value, but not when divorced from higher WILL. We have the capacity to marry higher WILL and powerful practices, with profound results, but have had this know-how drummed out of us. I will write about this in my next blog.

For now, we simply need to know that we have an opportunity to stand up for ourselves in a way we haven’t since the 1960s. If “character is destiny”, then I believe we will witness the roll out of one crippling agenda after another, though I would not be surprised if there is a honeymoon period for a few months or even a year. But, it ends there.

How can a man who is easily bored and inattentive, grabs female body parts without apology, openly admits to lying to his own supporters to hustle their vote, and runs his own companies into bankruptcy,  honestly warrant any other direction? In addition, the people he has gathered to run this country are no more qualified than he, other than fulfilling the billionaire status requirement of Trump. These are simply not people for the people, just as with their predecessors.

So, I say let The Destroyer do his best. The outcome is solely on our shoulders. We DO need “change we can believe in.” The change is us. We need to believe in ourselves – and our own right action.

The Feast of St. Friend

Posted by on Dec 24, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on The Feast of St. Friend

I have been thinking of a gift for you, something beautiful and meaningful. I found it, thanks to my son Stuart who shared a unique podcast with me called I am not generally a fan of such podcasts as they tend to offer simplistic viewpoints and action points, but this man is offering us something different. He is offering genuine wisdom told in a simple manner, read from archaic works of 19th and early 20th century authors, all of whom had a richness and depth of spirit. So, with that, I wish you all Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays! I wish you warmth, love and kinship.



Born to Remember

Posted by on Dec 14, 2016 in Blog, Gaia | 3 comments

For the last several days Gaia has been inundated with supportive comments about the journey of a young woman named Taylor Alexander, my latest release on Gaia.

As a young child, Taylor was an embarrassment to her family while telling neighbors and other adults that they were sick, or going to get a divorce or some other piece of personal information. Her psychic abilities were wide open, which only made her life more difficult.

As a “child of interest” she began experiencing abductions, which are of a different nature that what most experiences share. Technology was used to stun her, take her from her bed and deposit her at strange military like facilities. Surrounded by military and hybrid ET beings, her brain was examined they attempted to groom her psychic abilities for clandestine purposes. Throughout the process Taylor’s spirit guides assured her she was safe and that all of this was for purpose. She simply had to pay very close attention and remember what she was shown and experienced.

As Taylor grew, she attempted to tell others what she had been experiencing. No one believed her and the darkness in her household, under the influence of a step father deeply involved in the dark rituals of the Elite, deepened. She ultimately tried to take her life. The rest is a phenomenal  story of the courage of a child who was born to remember. You can see the two-part interview by clicking on the following link: