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Posted on Dec 2, 2015 in Blog |

Are You Electrified?

Are You Electrified?


Do you spark on car doors, toasters and loved ones?

As I read the article below on people who carry excess amounts of electricity, I remembered a very interesting solution given by a CMN supporter named Joseph a few years ago.

He and I were discussing the problem of dirty electricity and the interference it causes in our biological systems. It is credited with affecting everything from neurological dysfunction and cancer  to cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Personally there are times I lie awake at night because my body feels like a live wire with pulses of electricity going through my meridians in a regular cycle – 2 seconds on and about 1/2 second off. Having explained this to Joseph, he told me how to dissipate the excess electricity, which I am now sharing with you. Chains.

Go to the hardware store and purchase a bout 15-20 feet of heavy chain. Attach a double ended bolt snap hook to the chain and the other end to the center of a damp kitchen towel. Allow the chain to stretch out far away from where you will be sitting. Take a seat, wrap the towel around your neck and the excess electricity begins to be drawn down the chain, out of your body. If you are skilled at using a pendulum or dowsing rods, you keep them in your hand until the negative energy turns positive. There is a feeling of lightness and calm in the body and nervous system afterward.

Sounds a bit primitive, but most solutions are simply using nature to balance out an imbalance in nature. Meanwhile, I also picked up a grounding strip to put under my car as I dread touching the door handle now due to the spark it throws up my hand and arm. Time to get the chains out. 🙂

Good luck for those of you out there who are buzzing!!