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Posted on Nov 9, 2016 in Blog | 2 comments

America’s Dirty Little Secret (and the Silver Lining)

America’s Dirty Little Secret (and the Silver Lining)

We’ve just awakened from a bar brawl with a headache, not knowing how we got here. Donald Trump, the inscrutable and uncharitable reality TV star, is the President elect. In reaction, the financial markets around the world began to tumble overnight. But, once the sun rose, the market controllers were able to re-establish relative normality and we’re left wondering if we just imagined the whole thing.

Meanwhile, I always find the timing of my research to be serendipitous. Yesterday I was preparing for my interview with Klaire D. Roy, scribe for a Tibetan master known as The Tibetan (Djwhal Khul), who also spoke through Alice Bailey and Helene Blavatsky, Theosophists of the early 20th century who believed there were secret higher teachings available to those who chose to enlighten themselves.

In this new iteration of The Tibetan’s message, he used The 7 Rays as a lens to evaluate public figures, both living and deceased. He clearly stated that this was not to elicit comparison, rather to help us understand what varying levels of initiation look like in our world. Of course, I was immediately drawn to the profiles of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which took me down a deeper rabbit hole.

Let’s say we’re using a scale of 1-5. The highest Initiate level of the people featured in the book was 4.7. In general, I found the analysis of individuals to be quite level headed and non prejudicial.

Donald Trump, registered 1.2, a level that “creates karma through much carelessness and recklessness.” George W. Bush was 1.0. We know that story. But, interestingly, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama registered 2.3, which is said to be the level in which one begins to listen to the inner voice, but still possesses the arrogance of a new initiate in Hillary’s case. America’s movie stars and celebrities generally come in at 1.5 and under, which is the dominant pulse of the media. It’s no wonder we chose a man with that level of awareness. We are bathing in a sea of low frequencies and he’s a perfect match. So what is the a dirty little secret?

All of the polls, even the Las Vegas betting pools, gave it to Hillary – all but one, the Los Angeles Times poll. This poll was taking a random sample from people who supplied their answers online, in other words, their answers were anonymous. They didn’t have to face the pollster and say they were voting for Trump. But, in the quiet of their homes, they shared themselves. They were afraid. Some wanted to throw grenade in the system. Others had become haters of anything that represents ‘other.’ They told their truth when no one was looking, including the privacy of the voting booth.

The silver lining? There is a massive rift in levels of consciousness taking place on Earth now. We can either be absorbed to the prevailing 1.0+ frequencies, or we can lift ourselves our of the morass and come together in the spirit of truth, higher consciousness and collaboration. We create our own new sense of community, people of all ages and cultures like you reading this from all parts of the world. We have one thing in common – 1.0 is not good enough to base our lives and future upon.


  1. Very cool, thank you. Looking forward to the interview. A book was mentioned in your message: What is the title?

    I gathered that your guest is French Canadian. I hope the book isn’t in French. My French is rudimentary at best. :o)

    Many thanks.

  2. Thank you, Regina. I spent the last 12 months avoiding mainstream media’s spin on the candidates, knowing that the level of manipulation of the public mind was at an all time high. I’m looking forward to our collective conscious healing and elevation out of our current mire. Your programs, and all of Gaia TV programs are a wonderful breath of fresh air! Inspiring, to say the least!