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Posted on Mar 8, 2016 in Blog, Videos |

Aliens Requested Barium/Strontium in 1950s

Aliens Requested Barium/Strontium in 1950s

Paola Harris sent me a video regarding the Sammaciccia case in Italy, which I spoke of in my last blog.

As I was watching part one, the narrator was telling about the nature of the supplies that were loaded onto transport trucks and taken to the aliens, presumably to one of their underground bases. Along with massive amounts of fruit, they are vegetarians, were two chemicals – Barium and Strontium, two of the three main chemicals in chemtrails. The film made the point that there was no popular use for these chemicals at the time. Since then information has come out that these chemicals are involved with holographic technology. In conspiracy circles, it was believed holography would ultimately be used for a fake (holographic) alien invasion. Whether used for interference or endowment, it seems strange that Barium and Strontium were being loaded onto trucks with supplies headed for aliens in the 1950s.

When I asked Paula if she could contact the remaining participant in the Friendship Project, they said they were not allowed to know the use of these chemicals. Perhaps we could collectively research this one?