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Posted on May 9, 2016 in News | 1 comment

A Return to Idealism

A Return to Idealism

I’ve, admittedly, been jaded about our political system for a couple of decades. Once I understood the levels of corporate control over outcomes, I began dropping out. But something happened this year. My idealism began to rise again as a result of sensing something much deeper, perhaps cosmic, in nature. Robert Phoenix have spoken many times on the astrological influences that are guiding humanity to step up from a long slumber and begin bringing our truth and creativity forward. As a new type of contagion, I began feeling these influences deeply, which catapulted me back into action. My small contribution was to vote for Bernie in the Arizona elections. As another small means of support for idealism, my son Stuart, sister Denise and some friends and I will be attending a Bernie rally later this afternoon here in Sacramento, California.

That said, Donald Trump stole the headlines once again today by offering a simple truth…”I would rather run against Crooked Hillary Clinton than Bernie Sanders and that will happen because the books are cooked against Bernie!”  Here’s the article:

1 Comment

  1. I would probably not vote for a committed Communist like Bernie; however some of his positions- against the banks etc. do put the real problem in the spotlight– which surely is why “these books are cooked…” Which brings me to Trump: The Two Trumps. Trump the man could use some polishing, and his values aren’t as conservative as are the people who like him. Then there is Trump the Phenomena. I think on that score, it’s the most optimistic thing to happen in a long time: he is an outsider. He scares/ticks off all the right people; somebody like him just is not supposed to be able to get anywhere. I hope he keeps going. Whatever he is, he is not what the Zionist Cabal had in mind.