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Posted on Oct 21, 2015 in Blog |

A question of free will

A question of free will


I’d like to share an experience that brings the question of free will to the fore.

When I moved into my Sedona home, I had decided to have a mural painted of an Egyptian scene and symbols that are meaningful to me. Prior to contracting the artist, my guides told me that it should be painted onto something that was removable. Knowing of their long range vision, the message felt cryptic. I had just moved into my dream home, my temple, and I am now being told to paint this sacred piece on something that can travel with me? No explanation as to why, but I did as was suggested by my Beings.

As my then husband Scott and I struggled to keep CMN alive and the bills paid, it became clear some kind of change was in order. Upon awakening one day, I, once again, heard my guidance. This time I was to sell my home. After having one of those debates with the unseen realms that makes one look certifiable, I took the advice. Little did I know the market was going to crash months later. I sold at what turned out to be the top of the market, which was followed by a fast and furious crash.

Consumed with sadness, my mural was the last item to be removed from my home on moving day. Tears mixed with melting snowflakes as we made our last haul to the moving truck. Off to California.  The equity from getting out at the perfect time allowed CMN to continue another few years.

For years I looked at that mural, sitting, gloriously/inappropriately in the garage, wondering why I had been instructed to put it on a removable surface. It was made for only one place, its size too awkward for any normal home.

Six years later Scott and I were made an offer to merge CMN with GaiamTV. Our finances perked up through this transaction. Within 2 months – lo and behold – my home in Sedona came up for sale. There were 3 parties in escrow ahead of us as it was being offered for half of what I had sold it for – way undervalued. I immediately “knew” all the other parties would not finish the escrow process and the home would go back to us. So I waited.

When I moved back into my lovely home/temple the first piece that was put snuggly back into its place was the mural.

How did my Guides see a 13 year chronology of events so clearly? That is the subject of my next blog…..