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Posted on Mar 15, 2016 in Blog |

Chiming in on Gun Control

Chiming in on Gun Control

OK. I’m chiming in on the subject of gun control as its becoming even more polarizing with the rantings of the presidential candidates.

To me its a simple equasion. You have secret, select and manipulative forces controlling perceived reality on earth. In our quadrant of the world, control happens through the laying down of impressions. This, in the largest part, happens through media of all kinds.

In our society the controllers have chosen to lay down the impression that we are in danger – “Be afraid, very afraid!” Our headlines screech out at the danger of life in the world, one murder headline after another. This, of course, is completely out of alignment with the REAL levels of danger, which are virtually nil in the lives of nearly everyone reading this. Yet, these impressions seep into the subconscious, and, with repetition, are no longer tethered to any verifiable reality.

So, is it a surprise that due to the levels of fear that have been “impressed” upon society we would choose to be armed to the hilt? You create the illusion that we are all in danger and we will attempt to protect ourselves. I have to wonder if anyone thought this through while feeding us an addictive diet of dark fairy tales from the streets, tales that spike dopamine and cortisol levels in the brain and body, spurring us to be in a state of readiness for the oncoming attack. Meanwhile, the same powers would now like us to lay down our arms, become defenseless (against them) and rely on their own good and wise protection in case of emergency. Right.

You can’t have it both ways, to frighten the bejesus out of people, then ask them to disarm.